Sims 4 Updates

Here are some quick updates from my favorite game!

New Stuff Pack Coming!– There’s a new stuff pack coming out this week. Movie Hangout Stuff- There’s a new film projector with 10 movies for Sims to enjoy plus popcorn, new furniture/decor, and new outfits.

Martin Bowling– As I write this, I’m currently working on episode 5 of my story about a Sim named Martin Bowling. He may turn into a Legacy (where I attempt to carry his line through 10 generations).

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The Bachelor- I’m running another Bachelor challenge (4.3). I have a poll going where you can choose your favorite candidate for Bachelor. You can also submit a contestant or two to participate in the Bachelor. You don’t have to have the Sims to participate. You fill out a form, and I make the Sim for you.


Welcome to Newcrest!

Starting a new Sims project at Opi ‘s Sims and looking for participants!

Opi's Sims

09-12-14_9-27 PM-310-13-14_10-49 AM02-04-15_3-54 PM-211-29-14_6-26 PM

*Images are only representative, and not actual images of NewCrest and your new neighbors.

We are developing a new village called Newcrest! It’s currently a beautiful, lush piece of land where there is never a bad weather day! We are looking for single adult Sims to join our future community. Would you like to know everyone in your neighborhood? Would you like to age up on a regular schedule? Would you like a long lifespan? Apply today!

I’m starting a new Sims project!!! I’m looking for people to submit characters for my new project using the form below. Unlike the Bachelor challenges I normally run, your character will not be artificially eliminated from the game.

I’m creating a town that I play in a rotational style that only consists of households submitted by readers. The town will start small, but continue to grow overtime. Each household will be played for…

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Rebecca Brown: Update 4

I’ve managed to sneak in a wee bit of simming with five minute breaks here and there while we are packing. Anytime I was tired/sore/etc…and needed to sit I got in a few minutes. I didn’t know how much time I’d be able to get in, so I played with Rebecca.

Here is the 4th update for Rebecca Brown, our pet sim that you, dear readers, helped me to create. You can read more about her creation and see her past life updates here. You voted for Rebecca to: focus on her career, complete 1 to 1 whims per day, and save up to turn her guest room into a studio. You also decided that she isn’t the marrying kind.

05-09-15_11-09 AM

Rebecca has to wear a specific uniform for work, so if you see her in some odd outfits, that is why. Every night, Rebecca works on her painting- different styles, sizes and subjects. She’s all over the place right now.

05-09-15_2-18 PM

Rebecca is outgoing, but she doesn’t have much time to socialize. This leads her to be sad, bored and tired often. Also, she enjoys eating cereal on the couch in her underwear. It happens a lot.

05-09-15_2-29 PM

Dancing to her stereo is one of her main sources of entertainment since she can’t afford a television. Unfortunately, her stereo keeps breaking. She’s getting better at fixing it though.

05-09-15_2-30 PM

She doesn’t appear to be getting better at dancing though.

05-09-15_2-34 PM

When she’s too tired to dance, she reads on the couch.

05-09-15_5-14 PM

She’s been trying out some gourmet recipes lately, including butternut gnocchi.

05-10-15_1-43 PM

Reading also often happens without pants.


On Saturday, Rebecca received a promotion. On the one hand, yay promotion! On the other, she was supposed to have Sunday and Monday off, now she has to work on Monday and won’t get another day off until Thursday.

05-10-15_1-47 PM

On her day off, Rebecca was feeling lonely and wanted to socialize. She decided the gym would be a good place to meet some folks.

05-10-15_1-47 PM-2

She found someone to be her trainer.

05-10-15_1-48 PM

But they spent a lot of time gabbing about other stuff.

05-10-15_1-51 PM

Some actual progress was made on the treadmill.

05-10-15_1-53 PM

But, not for long, because our goal was to socialize. Remember?

05-10-15_1-54 PM

Rebecca took a fondness to this cutie.

05-10-15_1-55 PM

I can’t remember his name. Only that he was an unemployed perfectionist with horrible fashion sense.

05-10-15_1-59 PM

Rebecca brought him home and made him dinner. Desperate or adventurous? You decide.

05-10-15_1-59 PM-2

Dinner and conversation was good, but he left shortly after. Perhaps we will see him again. Perhaps not.

Rebecca Brown: Update 3

Here’s an update on Rebecca Brown, our pet sim that you helped me to create. You can read more about her here. You voted to focus on Rebecca’s career, and that she should try to complete 1 to 2 whims per day. She is also saving money to turn her guest room into a studio.

03-30-15_9-17 PM

Rebecca finally had a couple of days off. Since she’s a fairly sociable gal, she decided to go introduce herself to her neighbor across the street. A nice older gentleman who appeared to live alone. They discussed the neighborhood, the weather, and automated cupcake machines that also vacuum your home.

03-30-15_9-27 PM

Rebecca’s aspiration of being a renaissance sim has been inspiring her to explore cooking.

03-30-15_9-28 PM

So, for lunch, she made a gourmet garlic noodle dish.

03-30-15_9-29 PM

And then some dessert. Why not? It was the weekend!

03-30-15_9-32 PM

Rebecca’s aspiration also inspires her to improve her mind through logic.

03-30-15_9-33 PM

Since she didn’t possess the necessary items for developing logic at her home, and she needs social interaction, I sent her to the park to play chess.

03-30-15_9-34 PM-2 03-30-15_9-34 PM-4 03-30-15_9-34 PM-5

The above photos are for the readers of my Opi’s Sims blog. The Bachelor and his new wife were seen in the park playing chess together! It looked like Tanya was getting a bit frustrated. I think Tanner was winning!

03-30-15_9-58 PM 03-30-15_9-59 PM 03-30-15_9-59 PM-2 03-30-15_9-59 PM-3 03-30-15_9-59 PM-4

Just wanted to give a quick update art tour of Rebecca’s home. She’s still trying to find her style.

03-30-15_10-02 PM

The next day, since she had that off too, she went back to the park.

03-30-15_10-03 PM

This time she played against Tanner.

03-30-15_10-07 PM

When she came home, her stereo was broken. She decided to figure out how to fix it herself.

03-30-15_10-09 PM

And then she curled up with a book to end her weekend.

Rebecca Brown: Update 2

Here’s an update on Rebecca Brown, our pet sim that you helped me to create. You can read more about her here. You voted to focus on Rebecca’s career, and that she should try to complete 1 to 2 whims per day.

01-30-15_3-40 PM


Rebecca works long hours, and then comes home and paints. When she feels the need for entertainment, she reads- as she doesn’t own a television set. But lately, that hasn’t seemed like enough and her mood has been suffering.

01-30-15_3-43 PM

So, we purchased a stereo. And now when she is bored or feeling uninspired, she dances to electronica music. I’ve discovered this makes her very happy.

01-30-15_3-44 PM

Some days she doesn’t have the time, or willpower, to clean off her dining table so she eats on the couch. You can see in the photo that her table is covered with dirty dishes and books.

01-30-15_4-07 PM

She seems to prefer to cook her own meals, and her cooking score has been rising quickly.

01-30-15_4-07 PM-3

Sometimes her colleagues at work don’t provide enough social interaction, so she has a couple of friends- Summer Holiday and Don Lothario- whom she chats with on the phone. Her busy work schedule has prevented her from hanging out with anyone.

11-26-14_6-48 PM

The end of the couch seems to be her favorite reading spot.

12-07-14_8-04 AM

She hasn’t sold any of her work, she just hangs it up around the house.

01-29-15_7-41 PM-2

She likes to try different styles of painting, the current piece she is working on is an abstract piece.

01-29-15_7-42 PM-2

Her toilet broke the other day, and without money for repairs, she had to handle it herself. Very distressing when you actually need to use the darn thing for its intended purpose, and you only have one restroom in your home. But, she’s a trooper.

01-29-15_7-44 PM

All her hard work has recently paid off, she got a promotion to “Hungry Artist” (I think that means she earns more money than “Starving Artists”). She’s been thinking about turning her guest room into an art studio.

Rebecca Brown: Update 1

Here’s an update on Rebecca Brown, our pet sim that you helped me to create. You can read more about her here. You voted to focus on Rebecca’s career. Remember, we had to do a bit of a start over due to some technical difficulties- Rebecca is the same, but her home is different.

09-20-14_7-49 PM

This is Rebecca’s home in Oasis Springs.

09-21-14_10-01 PM - Copy

Rebecca works in the field of art. She is a painter, but for awhile she was a Palette Cleaner, now she is an Art Book Collator.

11-23-14_9-59 AM

She was feeling lonely, so she went outside to meet some neighbors and discovered a man doing push-ups on the sidewalk.

11-23-14_9-59 AM-2

She tried to engage him in conversation but he became very irate.

11-23-14_10-00 AM

Then the charming Don Lothario came along, and they talked for hours and had a wonderful conversation. Rebecca was glad to meet someone normal, and was excited to become friends with Don.

11-23-14_10-02 AM

But, then he started doing push-ups on the sidewalk as well.

11-23-14_10-03 AM

And then he ran away.

11-23-14_11-20 AM

Rebecca went to the library to do some research for her new job- in the hope of getting a promotion. The library (in Willow Creek) was packed and she had to wait a while to access a computer.

11-23-14_11-22 AM

By the time she was done, she was quite hungry so she went to a nearby park outside to grill some veggie burgers.

Sims have whims that they can accomplish throughout the day to make them happy. Sometimes the whims will be useful to our goals, other times they will not be. How many whims should I strive to have Rebecca complete each day?

Update on our pet Sim: Rebecca Brown

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the Sim you all helped me create, Rebecca Brown.

As some of you know from reading my Sims blog, Opi’s Sims, I was experiencing technical difficulties with the Sims 4. Specifically, a hanging load screen (the game wouldn’t load be on a specific point). After trying many different fixes, I was unable to get the game to work WITH my previous save file. This means all my play with both Rebecca and Marina were gone. This is the first major bug I have ever experience with a Sims game, so it is a bit disappointing it occurred so early into my time with the Sims 4. I’m crossing my fingers this is not a repeat problem.

Fortunately, the original copies of the Sims are kept in a different folder, so were safe. I began playing Rebecca again last night, hopefully there will be a post on her sometime toward the end of this week. As we voted on previously, I will be focusing on her career as an artist, first.