Sims 4: Rebecca’s New Home & First Impressions

In this series of posts, we will be following a Sim that was community created here on my blog using polling and the Sims 4 CAS (Create-A-Sim) demo. I uploaded that Sim into the Sims for the evening after it was released (September 2nd). This series will serve as a sort-of review of the Sims 4, as well as being the story of our created Sim, Rebecca Brown.

First Impressions

I adore the game. Sure, there are aspects from the Sims 3 (such as toddlers, weather, universities, pets, and pools) that I miss, but we’ve traded those for a smooth and fast game. Starting up, loading, transitioning between screens is SO much smoother in the Sims 4. My game has been glitch-free thus far. It’s adorable looking. The new emotion system is very fun to manage. The options for goal-oriented players are abundant (so it’s less critical we make challenges). The multi-tasking makes things fun and more realistic. It appears to be easily expandable, and I can’t wait until the announcement of the first expansion!

Rebecca’s First Home

Oasis Springs struck me as a bit more edgy and artistic than Willow Creek. Also, I thought Marina (Community Sim #2) was more suited to the lush world of Willow Creek. And so I placed Rebecca Brown in Oasis Springs…

09-02-14_6-31 PM

While we decided as a community, that we wanted Rebecca’s home to be artistic, edgy, clean and modern….I have to make do with the starting amount. So, right now it’s pretty basic but we’ll be continuing to develop her style as she makes some more money.



09-02-14_6-47 PM 09-02-14_6-48 PM


Rebecca Makes New Friends


09-02-14_6-55 PM

Since Rebecca is outgoing, it wasn’t very long before she was outside meeting the neighbors.



09-02-14_6-59 PM

She playfully flirted with this guy, Jagger, but it didn’t amount to anything since he’s married…and Rebecca wasn’t really looking anyway, just having a bit of fun.



09-02-14_7-00 PM

Then she met Ashley who is family-oriented, outgoing, and well….a bit mean. Despite Ashley’s mean streak, they connected and have since become very good friends.




09-02-14_7-02 PM

I’m not sure who the pasty guy is…we didn’t really chat with him too much.


Socializing is a lot of fun in the Sims 4. The options you have to choose from are constantly changing based on emotions, personality, and skills. The conversations have a story to them and socializing has become one of my favorite aspects of the game.

It’s Pancake Bob!

09-02-14_7-04 PM

Those of you who have followed any of the Sims 4 preview material will know of Pancake Bob (also known as Bob Pancakes). As it turns out, he lives not too far away from Rebecca, as she met him in the park near her house. He turned out to be quite a likable guy.




09-02-14_7-07 PM


At the park she got a bit hungry, so she grilled some veggie burgers.


09-02-14_6-29 PM

Rebecca has taken the time to develop her cooking skill. She got tired of microwaved meals with a cold center. She’s already achieved level 3.




09-02-14_7-10 PM


Given her job is to be a professional artist, she has also been focused on painting. She is a level 4 painter, now.

In addition to those skills, she has also focused on charisma (level 3) and comedy (level 2) mainly for her own interests she likes talking to people. After getting a computer, she has also earned a level in video games.


09-02-14_7-42 PM

Ashley comes over quite a bit. They enjoy chatting and dancing.




09-02-14_7-46 PM-2 09-02-14_9-03 PM


Bob has also become a good friend. The three of them enjoying watching TV together or sharing funny joke and stories.

House Upgrades

09-04-14_11-21 AM

Rebecca has been decorating her house solely for the cost of art supplies…as she paints them, she displays them.



09-04-14_11-21 AM-2


We’ve upgraded the kitchen a bit…we’ve replaced the fridge and stove with more modern, added a microwave and a coffee maker.


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