Welcome to Newcrest!

Starting a new Sims project at Opi ‘s Sims and looking for participants!

Opi's Sims

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*Images are only representative, and not actual images of NewCrest and your new neighbors.

We are developing a new village called Newcrest! It’s currently a beautiful, lush piece of land where there is never a bad weather day! We are looking for single adult Sims to join our future community. Would you like to know everyone in your neighborhood? Would you like to age up on a regular schedule? Would you like a long lifespan? Apply today!

I’m starting a new Sims project!!! I’m looking for people to submit characters for my new project using the form below. Unlike the Bachelor challenges I normally run, your character will not be artificially eliminated from the game.

I’m creating a town that I play in a rotational style that only consists of households submitted by readers. The town will start small, but continue to grow overtime. Each household will be played for…

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