Busy Couple of Weeks

Thank you for your patience for the lack of blog updates. These last couple of weeks have been very chaotic and I’ve had trouble keeping up my normal routine.

Since we’re down to one vehicle at the moment, every time I need a vehicle during the day, I need to spend an additional 2 hours in the car dropping my husband off at work and picking him up.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with interviews, doctor’s appointments, vet appointments, etc…and toss on a couple of difficult assignments from my programming class, you have a recipe for me getting nothing done besides the must-dos. I didn’t even get to update my Duffy Disney counter!

Things have quieted down a bit now, and I anticipate returning to a more regular blogging schedule soon.



Final Update: After the Snow

We made it through the whole thing with our power intact!! We didn’t get as much snow as predicted, but we were more concerned with the wind and sleet, anyway.

Today we shoveled and snowblowed ourselves out. The steep driveway wasn’t as bad as we thought it’d be. I’m very glad we waited until TODAY to do any shoveling. It was warm (30s), sunny and not at all windy which made things quite pleasant. Attempting to shovel yesterday would’ve been silly.

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After the sun hit the driveway for awhile, it was perfect. Now, we just have to hope that melting from the top of the hill doesn’t create an icy situation that prevents Jimmy from getting up the hill tomorrow.

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In the meantime, Jimmy is upset with the Patriots, chicken with roasted potatoes & veggies & cornbread is in the oven, and we are going to watch the X-Files tonight.

Storm Update #4


We made it through the morning with the power intact! Last night it turned into a scary sleet/freezing rain situation. The gusty wind kept tossing the frozen crystals on the windows and making a horrible noise. I was concerned about that icy substance causing power lines or trees to go out last night, but we made it safely to the morning!

We are getting far less snow here than expected…we are up to about 6 or 7 inches now (hard to tell with all the blowing). We are expected to get another 5 today…bringing the total to about a third of what was predicted for our area.

Snow seems to be quiet and fluffy again. Wind doesn’t seem as bad anymore either.

Storm Update #3

We’re still alive, and the power is still on. Too dark (and cold) for photos. I don’t like the noise the snow is making…I love the silence and peacefulness that snowfall usual brings…this snow is more like tiny delicate ice pellets…so it makes a noise that sounds sort of like light rain…and sometimes it blows against the windows and makes noise…it just reminds me how wet and sticky this snow is and how likely it is to cause power outages. :/

For now, though, we’re alright. We ate dinner and watched the last episode of Broadchurch. I have to pick a new show to start tomorrow.

Storm Update#2

We still have power and Jimmy’s cold has been pretty mild, so things have been going well so far.

It’s been snowing consistently since this morning.

We accomplished a few things around the house, and then played some Lego: The Hobbit co-op on my laptop. I’m now cooking some baked ziti.

Jimmy’s recliner broke, and he’s pretty bummed.

Storm Update #1

I’m going to be posting quick updates here about the massive snow storm for curious and worried friends and family members.

All reports yesterday indicated the snow was supposed to arrive at noon. Jimmy is coming down with a cold, so I let him sleep in this morning.

Big mistake!

I thought we were all set with supplies, but Jimmy informed me when he woke up that he had forgotten we didn’t have gas for the snowblower.

It was too late. The snow began a couple hours earlier than anticipated, and the car couldn’t get out of the driveway. We could have done a quick shoveling, but if we can’t get out our driveway, we likely wouldn’t have been able to get up the steep hill that stands between us and the gas station. This snow is particularly slippery, and the car was sliding all over the place. The car has always been fantastic on snowy Michigan highways, so I blame the snow, not the car.

Looks like we are snowbound until at least Sunday.

Fitbit & Emergency Sweet and Sour Sauce

What’s Going On This Week:

Fitbit Acquired: I’ve wanted a Fitbit for years…since they came out with them. Thanks to UVA, I was finally able to get one for (effectively) free if I complete a (fairly easy) activity challenge over the next few months. I’m super excited…you know how much I love data! Also, increasing my step total is great training for Disney!



Meal Plan: I’m not going to bother sharing my meal plan with you this week. Jimmy is away on business, so the plan consists of: two days of salad and baked potatoes, two days of frozen Chinese food, and one day of frozen ravioli leftover from oral surgery recovery.

Emergency Sweet & Sour Sauce: For the dinners of above mentioned Chinese food, I got steamed dumplings and egg rolls from Costco. Well, the box of egg rolls did not come with sauce (rude!). I didn’t realize this until it was time for dinner, so I Googled “fast sweet and sour sauce”. I found a stove-top recipe that was half-way decent. If I had planned for this, I would’ve made a fancier one and actually picked up the ingredients for it. However, I needed this ASAP, so I found one with ingredients I had in! Here’s a link to the recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/19670/sweet-and-sour-sauce-i/ I followed the recommendations for adding honey and increasing the ketchup.


Fingers Crossed: We’ve had a couple showings recently, so hopefully that will continue even through the wintery mess. Also, I’ve got a couple jobs applications out that I’m pretty hopeful about.

Pita Bread: I will miss the soft, thin, perfect traditional Lebanese pita bread that was everywhere in Toledo. This stuff is NOT a good substitute, but it’s all I could find, ick: