Here’s What You’ve Missed

If you haven’t been stopping by my new website, here is what you’ve been missing:

A video of Miss Melody giving Miles a bath

A post about Piggy’s Poop & the awesome Fiber Response Diet

A sad post because I still miss Harree

A reorganization of the website so it’s easier to follow

Disney Countdown Week 22

Disney Countdown Week 21

The Return of the Sim’s Completion Challenge

A post about Pokemon Go


A list of things I was nerding out about in August

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I’m Moving! (This Blog)

I’m migrating this blog to a website, where it will join my other blog. While putting all my interests in one place (for those of you who follow all my stuff), it will also help separate out topics for those who only follow very particular interests. If you only want Disney stuff- there will be a page for that, just cats? different page.

Here’s some links:

Home of the new site

Cats page with a new post about Dixee

Sims page with a new post about the Bowling legacy

Disney page with the Week 32 update

Please let me know how I can improve the site, and if there are any features from over here that you miss/prefer. Thanks!

Recent Cat Photos


Here’s Melody and Dixee napping on the giant bed. I just love how their positions are so similar with their paws over their eyes.


Lefty was on the giant bed this day…not his normal spot, but that’s because…


Fred decided to sleep on Lefty’s pillow.


Lefty decided to spend the rest of the day there, even though Fred only stayed on his pillow for less than an hour. Lefty and Miss Melody were snuggling for a good portion of the day.

Countdown to Disney: 42 Weeks

This week’s countdown post is themed around the castle. Duffy had a wardrobe change. He’s now in his treasure map shirt.


Activities for Week 42

I looked at Option #6 for the dates. In Week 47, I discuss in depth how I go about this process. So, if the below image doesn’t make sense, take a look at that first (also feel free to leave questions below).


I really like this set of dates. I love how MK is the first day, the last day, and then one in the middle. I love how there are three low-crowd days in a row at the end of the trip. The average crowd level we experience is also among the lowest estimated so far. This set of dates will definitely be a contender!

Binder Updates

You can find the fonts I used here.

Upcoming Master To Do List

  • Watch a movie
  • Purchase another guidebook with an Amazon gift card I’ve saved since Christmas (I’ve decided which one, but just haven’t ordered it yet)
  • Finish making section headers for binder (MK and Epcot)
  • Try a new recipe
  • Dates Option 7

Movie Updates

Still at 1 of 26. Someday we will be able to watch movies again. Next weekend maybe? I’m thinking this could happen soon! Our schedule is looking up next week.

Resource of the Week

Ellie’s Ramblings– Ellie is a vlogger that I adore. She posts videos about a lot of things, but many related to Disney. She visits Disneyland Paris the most often since she’s in England, but she is doing a wonderful series dedicated to her trip to WDW back in October. She’s almost done with it, but you should check it out from the beginning. I first found her from this video on how to meet characters in the parks. Ellie is amazing with the characters, she really gets them interacting.

WDW Virtual Visit

I toured France on WDW Virtual Visit. We didn’t spend much time in France when we went, so it was interesting. We also missed the France movie. It looks nice (but not as fun as Canada).

Question for the Readers

Do you have any Disney vloggers to recommend? Mention them below (for myself and other readers!)

Quick Favor: Vote for My Family’s Butterfly Habitat!!!

Butterfly Information

My wonderful parents run a butterfly habitat on Cape Cod called Butterflies of Cape Cod. BoCC is focused on native species, conservation, increasing awareness of the importance of pollinators, teaching the public how to grow their own gardens, and lots of other good stuff.

They’d like to expand their learning center and public outreach programs, so they’ve applied for a Seeds of Change small business grant.

Phase one of the judging has begun, and it’s a public vote. Please, please head over to this website and give them a vote!!! You can vote for them once a day. They work very hard and are doing great work, and are very deserving of this.

Click here to vote:

NGS Picture ID:996510

An orange question mark butterfly on a leafy twig.

If you’d like more info they have a website:

And a new blog they started this year:

Busy Couple of Weeks

Thank you for your patience for the lack of blog updates. These last couple of weeks have been very chaotic and I’ve had trouble keeping up my normal routine.

Since we’re down to one vehicle at the moment, every time I need a vehicle during the day, I need to spend an additional 2 hours in the car dropping my husband off at work and picking him up.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with interviews, doctor’s appointments, vet appointments, etc…and toss on a couple of difficult assignments from my programming class, you have a recipe for me getting nothing done besides the must-dos. I didn’t even get to update my Duffy Disney counter!

Things have quieted down a bit now, and I anticipate returning to a more regular blogging schedule soon.


Countdown to Disney: 51 Weeks


Activities for the Week

For various reasons (husband being home on Friday thanks to the blizzard; first major problem set for my online computer science class due, etc…), I didn’t focus on much Disney planning this week. But, that’s okay since I’m still about a year out. 😉

I did sign-up for the online version of the recent Disney Vacation Planning DVD. I highly recommend this resource if you are planning your first Disney vacation, or haven’t been in awhile. It provides a great overview of the resorts, parks, and how Disney does packages, my magic +, etc… I likely know all the information already, but it’s still entertaining to watch if you are obsessed with Disney.

I’ve also been enjoying flipping through my Passporter’s Walt Disney World Guide. I discovered a new item to put on my Disney Bucket List! Not necessarily a goal for this coming trip, since I don’t know how long we will be there for, and I wouldn’t want to waste a rope-drop on this. The Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street does both adult and children’s hair. I investigated further, and for only ~$5 (plus tip) you can skip a haircut and just get them to style your hair with a bit of (literal) Pixie Dust! I’d love to have a Disney-do for the day.

Binder Updates

None this week!

Upcoming Master To Do List

  • Watch another movie
  • Find a Disney recipe to try
  • Finish making the headers for the DHS section of the binder
  • Start a penny & quarter jar (for pressed pennies)
  • Watch the planning DVD

Movie Updates

Still at 1 of 26. Hoping to get in Lilo & Stitch (on Netflix) by the end of the month. My husband’s traveling has caused a bit of a delay, but I’m confident we can manage to get it in this Friday, so still on schedule!

Resource of the Week

This week I was enjoying flipping through my Passporter guidebook. They also have a website and a podcast.

I’ve also been catching up on the  WDW Parkhopper Podcast which is great for when you are missing the parks.

WDW Virtual Visit

This week I went to Liberty Square and rode my favorite attraction- The Haunted Mansion! It’s amazing that this attraction doesn’t seem out-of-date given how old it is. Ugh! I hate how people talk in the first room. It’s part of the attraction, pipe down people. Even more annoying is people talking on the ride between Doom Buggies. Hmm…the Haunted Mansion looks VERY dark on camera, this ride-through misses a lot of detail. Oh well.

Question for the Readers

Are you planning your next Disney trip (even a hypothetical one)? What is your countdown?

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