Sims 4 Updates

Here are some quick updates from my favorite game!

New Stuff Pack Coming!– There’s a new stuff pack coming out this week. Movie Hangout Stuff- There’s a new film projector with 10 movies for Sims to enjoy plus popcorn, new furniture/decor, and new outfits.

Martin Bowling– As I write this, I’m currently working on episode 5 of my story about a Sim named Martin Bowling. He may turn into a Legacy (where I attempt to carry his line through 10 generations).

Featured Image -- 4346

The Bachelor- I’m running another Bachelor challenge (4.3). I have a poll going where you can choose your favorite candidate for Bachelor. You can also submit a contestant or two to participate in the Bachelor. You don’t have to have the Sims to participate. You fill out a form, and I make the Sim for you.


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