Recommendation: Miitomo!

Miitomo is a free social app for both Android and iOS released by Nintendo last month.

You make a Mii…


My Mii wears a bun, a blue cardigan, sneakers and jeans…and she has thick dark glasses, and a grump expression- just like me!


You then connect to your friends through social media (follow @crazycatnerd if you want to friend me!) Miitomo will ask you questions about you…favorite things, opinions, what you’ve been up to, etc…and it will then report your answers to your friends. You get to hear all of your friends answers. The more answers you hear, the more points you get to buy new outfits.

It’s not something I want to play all the time (if I have time to play a game, I’m playing Stardew Valley or the Sims). However, it’s great to check in a few minutes before bed, or when you are waiting for something to finish on the stove, or when you are waiting for your husband to be done borrowing tools from Advanced Auto Parts. I’ve learned a lot about my friends and acquaintances who use the app. I wish more of my close friends used it as well!


Stardew Valley

Off-topic: Thank you so much for all your kind words of support regarding Harree’s passing. It means a lot, and I very much appreciate it.

(spoiler-free, if you avoid the links)

This has helped cheer me up a bit in this sad time. I had no idea this game was in even in the works!


I love Harvest Moon games, but I dislike playing on the console. Since I prefer to take short game breaks, it is far easier to pull up a game on my laptop than it is for me to setup my console. I also prefer using a mouse and keyboard, and being close to the screen. Perhaps if we owned a very comfy living room couch, my opinion of my consoles would change, but for now, I far prefer the PC.

For years, I’ve tried to find a PC version of Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing. I very much enjoy the relaxed play style of that kind of game. I have actively searched, every few months or so, for a game like this on the PC. I was excited for the game Wild Season, but the reviews have been disappointing. I was holding out on Wild Season in the hopes they’d release some updates that improved the game.


Earlier this week, I learned about Stardew Valley from the Gamers with Jobs podcast, and I immediately fell in love. I can’t remember the last time I felt this excited about a game. It is my dream game. SO relaxing. SO adorable. SO beautiful. SO detailed. Storyline, sprinkle of combat, mystery, farming, fishing, resource management, collecting…AHHH. And ONE guy made the whole thing. I read an interview about the creator, and I’m really impressed by him.

I’ve suspended all non-essential purchases until our finances get back on track (ie, the Toledo house sells and/or I get a job out here), so I’ve been obsessing about the game through the play videos from this guy: PaulSoaresJr on YouTube. His videos are a lot of fun to watch, and he posts one day at a time (so nice manageable chunks). Despite getting spoilers for the game, I cannot stop watching the videos! I *highly* recommend if you don’t mind game spoilers and want to learn what the game is about.


If you love Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing, like playing PC games, and have an extra $15 to spare- GO BUY THIS GAME. Its rating on Steam is “Overwhelmingly Positive”.

If you have the game already, you are encouraged to comment below and tell me all about your adventures in the little town.


Sims 4 Updates

Here are some quick updates from my favorite game!

New Stuff Pack Coming!– There’s a new stuff pack coming out this week. Movie Hangout Stuff- There’s a new film projector with 10 movies for Sims to enjoy plus popcorn, new furniture/decor, and new outfits.

Martin Bowling– As I write this, I’m currently working on episode 5 of my story about a Sim named Martin Bowling. He may turn into a Legacy (where I attempt to carry his line through 10 generations).

Featured Image -- 4346

The Bachelor- I’m running another Bachelor challenge (4.3). I have a poll going where you can choose your favorite candidate for Bachelor. You can also submit a contestant or two to participate in the Bachelor. You don’t have to have the Sims to participate. You fill out a form, and I make the Sim for you.

Mobile Game Recommendation: Neko Atsume


Neko Atsume has been around for awhile, but only became available in English a couple months ago.

It’s free and available on Android and iOS, I found my version on Google Play.

I enjoy (and often recommend on here) mobile games that are meant to be played for only a few minutes at a time, and while you are away things happen in the game. This is one of those games.

It’s a very simple game with not much going on. You own a yard. You fill the yard with goodies cats will like. The cats show up, enjoy the goodies, and leave fish for you. You spend those fish buying more goodies. If a cat stops by often and really likes your yard, he or she may leave you a special gift.


The cats all have names and personalities which are recorded in your Cat Album. You try to entice as many different cats as possible to come visit your yard.

So, yes, you could call this a feral cat collection game.

This is a game I play while I’m waiting for Jimmy to buy something at Autozone, feeding the cats (all the different food types means they need supervision) or when I want to delay getting out of bed for 5 minutes. You can play it for as little as a minute, but you can check in often.

Thus far, while there is an option to buy special gold fish, the game seems to drop enough gold fish so that I don’t feel held back by not spending money.



Video Game Recommendation: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an adventure game available on Steam for $19.99 (I got it on a Steam Sale for $7).

It has a “very positive” rating on Steam, and is tagged with “detective”, “first person”, “mystery”, and “atmospheric”.


I finished it in 10 hours, and that included getting ALL the achievements (one of which I had to Google). So, it’s pretty short and it doesn’t have much replay-ability.

It’s gorgeous and well-written. It’s clever and unique. It has some surprises. It’s pretty dark, a bit creepy, but not at all scary. There is one particular scene that requires some time/location management, but overall it can be done at a very relaxed pace.


You are given very little information so it can be challenging to figure out exactly what you are supposed to do with the puzzles, but that is part of the game.

I would definitely recommend his game. Given its length, I’d say grab it if it goes on sale for less than $15. It was definitely worth my $7, but I would also be satisfied if I spent $14.99.



PC Game Recommendation: The Promised Land


The Promised Land is a casual simulation game available on Steam for only $6.99.

I think this game is definitely worth the cost given the low price. It’s short, easy and sometimes a bit slow-paced, but it’s good for several hours of entertainment.


You are in charge of a colony of settlers who need to develop a new world. You need to help them find food and shelter, and eventually develop into a thriving island of industry. They have some very basic needs (hunger and socialization) that need to be met in order for them to work. You micro-manage the individual colonists who have preferences for what sorts of jobs they like. You gather resources, explore and develop ways to turn your resources into trade-able goods. You send your resources back to the Kingdom, and get gold, additional settlers and specialized items in exchange.


The mechanics are simple, but the game has held my attention for quite awhile. I would recommend this game.

Dragon Age Origins: Part 7

Caution: Spoilers Ahead! Since DAO was released in 2009, if you wanted to play , you likely already have. However, I will be doing a play by play of the game, so if you haven’t played and want to, and care about spoilers, skip this post.

As you know, I fell behind in blog posting due to some computer issues. We are still in the process of catching up. I had to do a factory reset on my laptop recently, and while I managed to save all the photos, the descriptions for screenshots captured by the game were lost. Sadly, my memory is a bit hazy on the next part…so we’ll see how this goes.

To refresh your memory, I’m playing Aedan, a warrior of noble blood who had his family slaughtered and was recruited by the Grey Wardens to help fight the Darkspawn. After being recruited, most of the Grey Wardens (including our leader) was slaughtered on the battlefield, along with the King, thanks to a douche teryn (sort of like a lord) named Loghain. We are simultaneously trying to help restore order in the absence of a King (the throne is disputed), recruit powerful groups to assist us (mages, Dwarves, Elves) in fighting The Blight (aka Darkspawn uprising), and help everyone who needs it because I’m a good character and that’s just what we do.

In the last post, we solved a werewolf problem for the elves (and an elf problem for the werewolves), and all was right with the world.


Arl Eamon of Redcliffe Castle was a man with a lot of problems. As you may recall from earlier, a demon possessed his son and took over the castle. We had to go into the fade to save the boy. On a related note, Loghain hired a mage to poison Arl Eamon, and the only way for us to save him was by finding the Urn of Sacred Ashes. In order to do this, we had to venture to this really creepy village in the mountains called Haven.



The people of the village of Haven were not only creepy, but also very rude and xenophobic.


As it turns out, they were a cult. They attacked us, and well, honestly we ended up pretty much massacring the village. We only wanted to talk, I swear!


They worshiped Andraste, like the rest of us, but they believed she had returned to the world in the corporeal form of a dragon. Their ways and methods are violent and hostile. And instead of having the standard chantry with many priests (all women), they had a single “revered father”. He acted not only as the sole religious leader, but also as the law.


They had locked up a very ill and injured Brother Genitivi.


Genitivi explained to us where he thought we had to go to get the Urn, and how to get there.


We then hiked up the Frostback Mountains and to the snow and ice covered temple.


We had to pass through a series of challenges to get to the urn. We had to make it through a temple with cultists and dragons before finally gaining access to the mountain top where the urn was kept.


The leader of the Cult tried to bargain with us- he wanted us to defile the ashes, essentially (he had some weird logic, I try not to make sense of cult leaders). I didn’t take his offer, and we battled.


We had to run through an ancient gauntlet of challenges to prove our worth. It was all very Indian Jones.


It involved riddles from ghosts, a battle with ourselves, an invisible bridge puzzle, and a test of faith (walking through a wall of fire).


Eventually, we were able to obtain the urn.


And we saved Arl Eamon. (yay!)

Screenshot20150829153443545 Screenshot20150823173728548

Here are a few shots from the campsite, where I continued to befriend my party, learn of their pasts, and here stories about what they know. Good times.


We also had a super challenging battle with Morrigan’s mother, who is actually not her mother, but the witch-of-the-wilds who can change herself into a dragon. She planned to take over Morrigan’s body when her own was too old and weak. We killed her, and took her spellbook for Morrigan (who seems eternally grateful).