Cat Profiles

Last Updated:7/14/2015


Name: Lefty (Source: his gimpy left paw)

Profile Updated: 4/14/15

Alternate Names: Telly (former real name), Grandpa Lefty, King Lefty

Age: 21 (estimated)

Origin/History: Lefty was adopted by Jimmy from his previous owner a long time ago. Lefty resided with Jimmy & Bill in their New Bedford, MA apartment before moving out to Ohio with us. We moved out here with only 2 kitties, Lefty was one of them.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Cheez-its, cheese, anything salty, popcorn, loves to lick the dinner plate (and since he is 21 and super thin, he’s allowed to eat whatever he wants)

Special Needs: Lefty has a gimp paw from an injury that didn’t heal properly before we adopted him. The vets we have spoken to all agree that fixing it will cause him to have surgery (and more pain) which isn’t worth it since he gets along fine with it and it doesn’t bother him. More recently, Lefty’s kidneys have been declining slowly (as is expected with his age) and he is on the same special food as Harree.

Personality: Over the last few years, Lefty has become steadily grumpier. He’s very demanding. When he is hungry, wanting affection, or if another cat is annoying him (for example: by sleeping in the spot he wants to sleep in), he’ll cry at you, loudly, until you fix the problem. He’s very affectionate and tolerant. If he was younger, he’d be a great cat for children. Despite his frailty, he still manages to remain dignified and has that regal-like quality that some cats have.

Favorite Activities: sleeping, getting his chin scratched, letting people stack small objects on him, laying on D&D maps, yelling at me, cuddling with Jimmy or I as we watch TV, rolling dice or hitting balls with his gimp paw, purring loudly


Name: Dixee (Source: previous owner)

Profile Updated: 4/20/15

Alternate Names: Miss Dixee, Ditsy, The Dixee, Angel Pumpkin Muffin, Snuffles

Age: 15

Origin/History: Dixee and Harree were adopted by Jimmy & I while here in Toledo. Their previous owner was a friend who could no longer keep them.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: chicken broth, green olives, cheeseburgers (in very tiny bits)

Special Needs: Dixee’s special needs primarily relate to her age. She eats a special diet that is better for her aging kidneys, and we steps up to the bed for her, for example. She has a minor respiratory aliment that the vets cannot identify though she has had it for years. She always comes back as pretty healthy after her six-month appointments.

Personality: Dixee has two distinct sides to her personality. On the one hand, she’s the very sweet lap cat that just wants to be pet and purr. She’s friendly and likes to greet visitors. She purrs a loud but breathy sound. You can pick her up easily and carry her anywhere. She’s scared of the outside and will cling to. Sweet, quiet and friendly lap kitty is her personality 80% of the time. But when she wants to play…oh man, she is rough. Get out the bandaids. She takes play very seriously and can get a bit feisty. Also, her nails are super sharp.

Favorite Activities: laying in the sun, cleaning herself and others, laying on laps (particularly Jimmy’s) and getting pet, being tapped fairly forcefully on her back (she prefers this to petting, actually…she’s a little weird), “begging” for food (for her, this means waiting patiently a good distance away, but giving you sad kitty eyes the whole time), “hunting murder babies and feeding her kittens” (translation…she acts out her instinct by capturing stuffed cat toys and delivering them to us…often when she is hoping to score a bite of my meal…we think she is trying to offer a trade)


Name: Harree (Source: Previous owner)

Alternate Names: Harree Potter, Mr. Potter (when he’s in trouble), Harree Butters, Harree Bubbles,  Mr. Bubbles, Harree Buttbutt, Harold (his new name for when he is in trouble, given to him by the vet), Snugglebear

Age: 11

Origin/History: Adopted from the same friend that had Dixee.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Cantaloupe, spinach, tomatoes, soft treats

Special Needs: Harree was born with a kidney condition which did not manifest until he was a few years old (fully grown) and  surfaced shortly after we adopted him. We had one major crisis that alerted us to his condition. The vets did not think he’d recover, but he did. They also suspected he wouldn’t live nearly as long as he has. His condition requires him to be on a special low-protein diet. Lefty and Dixee, due to their old age, also now consume this diet as well. He went into another crisis this May. He has recovered a bit, but his care is a lot more complicated (including subcutaneous fluids and medication). His health will likely be steadily declining now, and all we can do is make him comfortable and attempt to slow the disease as much as possible.

Personality: Harree and I became very close during his kidney crisis. If we were to divide the cats by their apparent human preference, Harree would be firmly in my camp, just like Dixee is unquestionably in Jimmy’s camp. I believe Harree sees himself as my protector. He gets upset (and sometimes a bit aggressive) if another cat hisses at me (usually Lefty because he’s grumpy). He always sleeps next to me when Jimmy is away. He’s super affectionate (a lot of head nudging) and cuddly. When I lean my head toward him and say “Harree give me a kiss” he usually responds by licking my nose or chin. He is very affectionate toward and protective of both Dixee and Lefty. He is the one most often seen curled up with Lefty and occasionally cleans him. He is the only one Mama Meredith will play with. He is generally sweet, but is also strong and can become aggressive if threatened.

Favorite Activities: Squeaking (his meow is the quietest and very high-pitched), running into the kitchen when he hears a cantaloupe being cut up, chasing Meredith, laying on my arms when I am trying to type, sleeping with his head on my shoulder, cuddling with me during TV time, playing with any feathered toy, picking at a scratch post anytime he seems annoyed


Name: Whisket (Source: the mishearing of the name my friend gave her when she was a tiny kitten)

Alternate Names: Piggy (she snorts like a big, and has stubby little legs), Whiskey, The Pig

Age: 13

Origin/History: She was adopted when a friend’s cat had kittens.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: dairy, creamy things (like ice cream), sweet things (though research shows cats aren’t supposed to taste sweet)

Special Needs: Whisket is fantastic with humans but cannot be kept around other cats for her own safety. For some reason, she provokes other cats to be aggressive towards her. She also gets stressed out easily.

Personality: Whisket is very sweet, affectionate and gentle towards humans. She loves to be pet, but does not like to cuddle quietly or sleep on your lap. She is very likely to knock over a stack of items or a table accidentally, but she’ll never intentionally disturb your stuff (even food!). She is well-behaved and will stay in the yard when we let her out (and is therefore the only one allowed out).

Favorite Activities: yardwork, watching the birds, bugs, humans and cars outside, lounging on a pillow, greeting visitors, getting pets, relocating items (paper, towels, blankets) several feet to cover up her own puke, stressing Fred out


Name: Meredith (Source: Click here)

Alternate Names: Mama Meredith

Age: 6+ (estimated)

Origin/History: Showed up in our backyard during the winter of ’09-’10. We felt bad for her, so we began feeding her, and she eventually began living in the snowmobile hut. Once we realized she was probably pregnant, we took her in, isolated her from the others, and got her checked out by the vet. She was pregnant, but otherwise healthy and parasite-free. She gave birth to three kittens in March of 2010, and we adopted her and all three kittens.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Carbs. She loves pretzels and crackers with bold flavors (like honey mustard or buffalo). It took me a long time to convince her to eat wet food. She’s not shy when it comes to stealing food off your plate if she has the chance.

Special Needs: Sometimes her anxiety causes the pH of her urine to become unbalanced. It doesn’t happen often and is easily managed with diet. Her past life as a stray, and whatever situation led her to being a stray, has some repercussions as well. We need to move more slowly around her. She hates being held with two hands, so giving her medications or putting her in a carrier is more difficult.

Personality: We do not know what her situation was before she was outside, though we are certain she is not feral. She is very friendly, was immediately familiar with what a litterbox was, and she isn’t aggressive in the slightest. When we first took her in, she was people shy and very, very skittish. It is possible she was abused…or at least came from a house where one or more individuals did not love her as much as they should have. She’s a lot more affectionate and relaxed now than she was when she moved in. Up until recently, affection was only exchanged when she approached a human. Now, she allows Jimmy and I to approach her (slowly, and only when she’s in the right mood) for petting. Sometimes, she’ll even playfully roll over exposing her belly for pets. She will also eat and drink when we are walking around in the kitchen now, which previously made her nervous. If it weren’t for her anxiety issues from being a stray, I think she’d be a very warm and loving lap kitty.

Favorite Activities: looking out the window & growling at other cats in the yard (she has given herself the position of guard), demanding that her butt (well, lower back) be scratched, curling up in adorable positions with her children, making cute noises and playfully running away from Harree…regardless of whether or not he is actually chasing her…


Name: Fred (Source: Click here)

Alternate Names: Fredrick (when he’s in trouble), Baby Fred, Chicken Wing (an offshoot of his brother’s nickname, a recent addition)

Age: 5

Origin/History: Born in our own home in March 2010 to Mama Meredith. Fred was the largest of the three kittens at birth (he was 6.6 ounces…kittens are usually between 3 and 5 ounces at birth, so he was a big boy!) and he was the first to open his eyes (a few days before the other two, actually).

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Fred has minimal interest in human food, but obsessively pursues anyone with a sandwich (for the deli meet) or with McDonald’s fries (he prefers one to be sticking out the bottom of the box…and it becomes a toy/treat). He like high protein cat foods and enjoys a variety of meat flavors. We often buy an extra bag of a different food that goes in a separate bowl which he primarily eats from. He eats very little, and is therefore the skinniest of the cats.

Special Needs: He is a bit high-strung. We are currently battling his desire to lick off all his fur which we think may be anxiety-driven. Hopefully once he gets used to the new living arrangement it’ll calm down.

Personality: He will get into these moods where he has to be picked up and cradled like baby…and he’ll cry until that happens. He is willing to expend a lot of energy when it is worth it (playing, jumping) but conserves as much as possible for mundane activities. For instance, he often lays down while he is drinking water. When he is ready to nap, he flops down right where he is (regardless of location). His jumps are impressive, and he is very quick and aggressive while playing. He is obsessed with birds. He is very shy when it comes to strangers, but extremely trusting of and affectionate with people he is comfortable with.

Favorite Activities: playing with da bird toy, being held, watching birds on the tv, cuddling, watching birds outside, hiding…you get the idea


Name: Miles (Source: Click here)

Alternate Names: MyMiles, Milezez, Mr. Miles, Chicken Nugget, Chicken Little

Age: 5

Origin/History: Born in our own home in March 2010 to Mama Meredith. Miles was the lightest of the three kittens both in weight (now, he is the heaviest) and color. While Fred was the first to open his eyes, Miles was the first one to leave the “nest”. He was the first to walk, the first to use the litter box, and the first to get in trouble.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Anything that you’d anticipate a cat to eat. He likes all cat food (dry or wet), all treats (every flavor), chicken, tuna, cheese, etc… He is always willing to eat. However, he doesn’t venture for more “exotic” foods like melon or olives, unlike Dixee and Harree.

Special Needs: Weight. His love of eating has gotten him into trouble. He’s been put on a metabolic diet. However, his weight isn’t as much of a concern as Miss Melody’s is.

Personality: As you can tell from his nicknames, he has lost the adventurous attitude of his youth. He is a scaredy cat, particularly around strangers and loud noises. He is very affectionate and LOVES to be pet and scratched especially around his chin and ears. He is a talker, lots of loud vocalizations that make him appear to be having a conversation with you. He hates to be held, but instead of fighting to get down, he just complains loudly.

Favorite Activities: “Helping mom” in the kitchen- he likes to jump up on the stools in the kitchen and watch me cook/prepare cat food/etc… He likes lying on his back with his tummy exposed. Sleeping. Eating. Playing with slightly larger toys that he can rake, especially ones filled with good quality cat nip. Talking to people.


Name: Melody (Source: Click here)

Alternate Names: Miss Melody, Missa Missa Melody, Little One, Baby Girl Miss Melody, Melody Boo

Age: 5

Origin/History: Born in our own home in March 2010 to Mama Meredith. When she was born, she wasn’t the tiniest but within a few day, she established herself as the slow-growing one. Unlike the boys, she maintained her petite frame. It used to say here that she was our “smallest kitty” but she no longer holds that title! She has tiny features, but her weight has gotten out of control.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Miss Melody LOVES fish…shrimp, tuna, salmon…she prefers seafood over poultry or beef. She dislikes all human food.

Special Needs: She is polydactyl, which is a genetically-inherited congenital abnormality resulting in extra digits, meaning she was born with extra toes. Melody has only 2 extra toes- one on each of her front paws. This does not pose any health-related issues for her, other than we need to check her extra claws often to ensure they are the proper length since they are in an awkward location for her to tend to herself. Polydactyl cats are often more dexterous than other cats with their front paws, and Melody is no exception. Her weight has crossed the line into unhealthy. While we do not allow grazing, it is difficult to control time and quantity when you have multiple cats. I have long had plans to get her on an exercise routine, as well as separate her during feeding time once we are all established in our new home in Virginia. For now, she is on a metabolic prescription diet.

Personality: Miss Melody is no longer as active as she used to be. She used to constantly be on the move when she was young, and now she prefers napping. She used to be a skilled jumper, hunter, and runner…as athletic as her brother, Fred. Perhaps when she gets her weight under control, her activity levels will return. For now, she is still very playful. She is very gentle and mild-mannered; she is well-liked by the other cats. She actively retracts her claws when playing with humans. She does bite often, but the gentle “love” bites that are playful in nature. She enjoys being challenged, and is definitely one of our smartest cats.

Favorite Activities: Tracking and hunting down bugs, napping, being brushed, chasing us around the house (if you run from her and hide in another room, she’ll hunt you down); cuddling and cleaning other cats, playing with my hair accessories


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