Rebecca Brown: Update 2

Here’s an update on Rebecca Brown, our pet sim that you helped me to create. You can read more about her here. You voted to focus on Rebecca’s career, and that she should try to complete 1 to 2 whims per day.

01-30-15_3-40 PM


Rebecca works long hours, and then comes home and paints. When she feels the need for entertainment, she reads- as she doesn’t own a television set. But lately, that hasn’t seemed like enough and her mood has been suffering.

01-30-15_3-43 PM

So, we purchased a stereo. And now when she is bored or feeling uninspired, she dances to electronica music. I’ve discovered this makes her very happy.

01-30-15_3-44 PM

Some days she doesn’t have the time, or willpower, to clean off her dining table so she eats on the couch. You can see in the photo that her table is covered with dirty dishes and books.

01-30-15_4-07 PM

She seems to prefer to cook her own meals, and her cooking score has been rising quickly.

01-30-15_4-07 PM-3

Sometimes her colleagues at work don’t provide enough social interaction, so she has a couple of friends- Summer Holiday and Don Lothario- whom she chats with on the phone. Her busy work schedule has prevented her from hanging out with anyone.

11-26-14_6-48 PM

The end of the couch seems to be her favorite reading spot.

12-07-14_8-04 AM

She hasn’t sold any of her work, she just hangs it up around the house.

01-29-15_7-41 PM-2

She likes to try different styles of painting, the current piece she is working on is an abstract piece.

01-29-15_7-42 PM-2

Her toilet broke the other day, and without money for repairs, she had to handle it herself. Very distressing when you actually need to use the darn thing for its intended purpose, and you only have one restroom in your home. But, she’s a trooper.

01-29-15_7-44 PM

All her hard work has recently paid off, she got a promotion to “Hungry Artist” (I think that means she earns more money than “Starving Artists”). She’s been thinking about turning her guest room into an art studio.


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