Places I Want To Visit in Virginia: Scenic Highway Stops

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When I drive from Ohio to Palmyra, about 45 minutes before arriving, I go by a few scenic overlooks on the highway. You know, the touristy pull-over areas where you can get out of your car and snap pictures of beautiful mountains.

Every time I pass these, I think about how lucky I am to be moving to such a gorgeous place, and how happy I am to once again live in a place that gets tourists. I grew up in an area with a tourism-based economy. While tourists do cause traffic problems, they mean better restaurants, better shopping, and more fun things to see and do.

Unfortunately, since these are only on the eastbound side of the highway, I only go by them in the evening…after 8 hours of being in the car. I have no desire to delay my arrival for a quick photo stop.

So, one of the first things I want to do is to take a trip specifically to view these vistas. I will take LOTS of photos and post them here. The drive will be a bit long, but the activity will be free aside from gas.


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