Rebecca Brown: Update 1

Here’s an update on Rebecca Brown, our pet sim that you helped me to create. You can read more about her here. You voted to focus on Rebecca’s career. Remember, we had to do a bit of a start over due to some technical difficulties- Rebecca is the same, but her home is different.

09-20-14_7-49 PM

This is Rebecca’s home in Oasis Springs.

09-21-14_10-01 PM - Copy

Rebecca works in the field of art. She is a painter, but for awhile she was a Palette Cleaner, now she is an Art Book Collator.

11-23-14_9-59 AM

She was feeling lonely, so she went outside to meet some neighbors and discovered a man doing push-ups on the sidewalk.

11-23-14_9-59 AM-2

She tried to engage him in conversation but he became very irate.

11-23-14_10-00 AM

Then the charming Don Lothario came along, and they talked for hours and had a wonderful conversation. Rebecca was glad to meet someone normal, and was excited to become friends with Don.

11-23-14_10-02 AM

But, then he started doing push-ups on the sidewalk as well.

11-23-14_10-03 AM

And then he ran away.

11-23-14_11-20 AM

Rebecca went to the library to do some research for her new job- in the hope of getting a promotion. The library (in Willow Creek) was packed and she had to wait a while to access a computer.

11-23-14_11-22 AM

By the time she was done, she was quite hungry so she went to a nearby park outside to grill some veggie burgers.

Sims have whims that they can accomplish throughout the day to make them happy. Sometimes the whims will be useful to our goals, other times they will not be. How many whims should I strive to have Rebecca complete each day?


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