Update on our pet Sim: Rebecca Brown

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the Sim you all helped me create, Rebecca Brown.

As some of you know from reading my Sims blog, Opi’s Sims, I was experiencing technical difficulties with the Sims 4. Specifically, a hanging load screen (the game wouldn’t load be on a specific point). After trying many different fixes, I was unable to get the game to work WITH my previous save file. This means all my play with both Rebecca and Marina were gone. This is the first major bug I have ever experience with a Sims game, so it is a bit disappointing it occurred so early into my time with the Sims 4. I’m crossing my fingers this is not a repeat problem.

Fortunately, the original copies of the Sims are kept in a different folder, so were safe. I began playing Rebecca again last night, hopefully there will be a post on her sometime toward the end of this week. As we voted on previously, I will be focusing on her career as an artist, first.



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