Storm Update #4


We made it through the morning with the power intact! Last night it turned into a scary sleet/freezing rain situation. The gusty wind kept tossing the frozen crystals on the windows and making a horrible noise. I was concerned about that icy substance causing power lines or trees to go out last night, but we made it safely to the morning!

We are getting far less snow here than expected…we are up to about 6 or 7 inches now (hard to tell with all the blowing). We are expected to get another 5 today…bringing the total to about a third of what was predicted for our area.

Snow seems to be quiet and fluffy again. Wind doesn’t seem as bad anymore either.


2 thoughts on “Storm Update #4

    • It wasn’t closed, but they had a delayed opening. He managed to get out of the driveway just fine. The roads weren’t great, but they were driveable. And they use a sand/salt mix in some areas, so it’s less slippery than just salt. Glad to be back in a place that does that (crazy Toledo).


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