Storm Update #1

I’m going to be posting quick updates here about the massive snow storm for curious and worried friends and family members.

All reports yesterday indicated the snow was supposed to arrive at noon. Jimmy is coming down with a cold, so I let him sleep in this morning.

Big mistake!

I thought we were all set with supplies, but Jimmy informed me when he woke up that he had forgotten we didn’t have gas for the snowblower.

It was too late. The snow began a couple hours earlier than anticipated, and the car couldn’t get out of the driveway. We could have done a quick shoveling, but if we can’t get out our driveway, we likely wouldn’t have been able to get up the steep hill that stands between us and the gas station. This snow is particularly slippery, and the car was sliding all over the place. The car has always been fantastic on snowy Michigan highways, so I blame the snow, not the car.

Looks like we are snowbound until at least Sunday.


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