Thanksgiving 2015

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Jimmy & I spent the day cooking, cuddling cats and playing Civilization V on my laptop.

We often play Civilization around the holidays since it allows you to take turns. So we leave the game running all day, each taking our turn whenever we have a few free moments. Our game is still going, in fact. I’m playing Indonesia, and Jimmy has Arabia. Thanksgiving Civ has become a  tradition.

While prepping our food, we had some snack…

I don’t actually have any photos of the real food because I was too busy eating. 🙂

We brined and grilled our turkey. After having it this way for years, I can’t eat normal oven turkey. It’s way too dry and icky.


We also made delicious apple sauce, cornbread, mashed potatoes and an apple and walnut salad. Oh, and cranberry sauce, of course.

For dessert we had egg nog cookies and pumpkin pie. I even found the pumpkin pie pretty tolerable this year.

I got more accomplished on the Lego village last night. Johnny Sausage’s house has reappeared!

Harree (who we are calling Harold Angel right now, thanks to a Peanuts Christmas special) is doing well! The new treatment seems to have bought us some more time. His appetite is on the rise, the drooling has stopped, and he is clearly feeling much better. He is SUCH a good patient. A lot of the reason he is managing this disease so well is because of himself. He follows instructions and trusts us. Love my baby Harree so much!

Today we are helping the kitchen recover from yesterday, making a blueberry pie, working on fixing the dashboard lights in the car, social media stuff for my mom’s shop, and making bracelets for the shop.

Hope to start Christmas decorating soon!


One thought on “Thanksgiving 2015

  1. I’m afraid to admit, I’ve never played Civ!

    Yum! Everything sounds delicious! Egg nog cookies sure sound interesting. I’m proud of you for tolerating pumpkin pie =D


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