Fitbit & Emergency Sweet and Sour Sauce

What’s Going On This Week:

Fitbit Acquired: I’ve wanted a Fitbit for years…since they came out with them. Thanks to UVA, I was finally able to get one for (effectively) free if I complete a (fairly easy) activity challenge over the next few months. I’m super excited…you know how much I love data! Also, increasing my step total is great training for Disney!



Meal Plan: I’m not going to bother sharing my meal plan with you this week. Jimmy is away on business, so the plan consists of: two days of salad and baked potatoes, two days of frozen Chinese food, and one day of frozen ravioli leftover from oral surgery recovery.

Emergency Sweet & Sour Sauce: For the dinners of above mentioned Chinese food, I got steamed dumplings and egg rolls from Costco. Well, the box of egg rolls did not come with sauce (rude!). I didn’t realize this until it was time for dinner, so I Googled “fast sweet and sour sauce”. I found a stove-top recipe that was half-way decent. If I had planned for this, I would’ve made a fancier one and actually picked up the ingredients for it. However, I needed this ASAP, so I found one with ingredients I had in! Here’s a link to the recipe: I followed the recommendations for adding honey and increasing the ketchup.


Fingers Crossed: We’ve had a couple showings recently, so hopefully that will continue even through the wintery mess. Also, I’ve got a couple jobs applications out that I’m pretty hopeful about.

Pita Bread: I will miss the soft, thin, perfect traditional Lebanese pita bread that was everywhere in Toledo. This stuff is NOT a good substitute, but it’s all I could find, ick:



One thought on “Fitbit & Emergency Sweet and Sour Sauce

  1. So glad you finally got a fitbit! I know you’ve wanted one for ages =D Hope you enjoy it! My jawbone up is starting to crap out (this is my second, the first was replaced under warranty) and soon I’ll need to decide if I want to continue with the personal tracking. I’m tired of the band on mine (there’s recessed writing on the under side that irritates my skin) so I def. won’t be doing another jawbone up.

    I love finding out quick and easy sauce recipes! It feels like such a rescue =) I just recently discovered Russian dressing is little more than mayo, ketchup, relish, lemon juice, and Worcestershire!

    It’s funny, you mentioned this pita bread so I decided to pick some up. But they didn’t have any at Meijer so I had to buy the thick stuff too lol


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