Final Update: After the Snow

We made it through the whole thing with our power intact!! We didn’t get as much snow as predicted, but we were more concerned with the wind and sleet, anyway.

Today we shoveled and snowblowed ourselves out. The steep driveway wasn’t as bad as we thought it’d be. I’m very glad we waited until TODAY to do any shoveling. It was warm (30s), sunny and not at all windy which made things quite pleasant. Attempting to shovel yesterday would’ve been silly.

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After the sun hit the driveway for awhile, it was perfect. Now, we just have to hope that melting from the top of the hill doesn’t create an icy situation that prevents Jimmy from getting up the hill tomorrow.

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In the meantime, Jimmy is upset with the Patriots, chicken with roasted potatoes & veggies & cornbread is in the oven, and we are going to watch the X-Files tonight.


5 thoughts on “Final Update: After the Snow

  1. I love how your stairs looked like a fun snow slide lol! Glad the weather was decent for shoveling. I’m guessing Jimmy siphoned gas from the car? 😉

    Sorry for your football loss =(


    • I was really tempted to sled down it before shoveling…but I would’ve had to trek through the house all covered in snow to get to the top, so I decided against it. Next time, I’ll be prepared and start up there. 😉 Jimmy actually had some crummy gas they took out of the Durango awhile back. He used that, and it worked well enough.

      Well, at least I can now root for my fabulous fantasy QB (Cam Newton) without feeling guilty. 😉


      • Glad you’ve got a plan for the next big snow 😉 But I’m thinking that doesn’t happen very often down there.

        Hooray for Durango gas!!

        Yay for rooting for your fantasy QB =D He seems like a pretty cool guy. I was really impressed with his post game interview last week. He was so humble and team-oriented.


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