Disney Trading Pins: Mission Space Cast Costume


Pin Description: The cast member costume from Mission Space in Epcot

Series: WDW 2013 Hidden Mickey Series

Collection: This collection has 5 pins all cast member costumes from Epcot (Test Track, Mission Space, Imagination, Nemo, and Soarin’). However, there are multiple similar collections covering a wide range of attractions, and other parks.

Limited Edition: No

Keep or Trade: Keep

Collecting Series: Yes

Collected From: Hidden Mickey Mystery Pouch; a gift from a best friend

I’m a huge fan of this collection since it’s very park-specific. I’m interested in collecting the other sets of these pins, not just Epcot. I have two other pins: Journey into Imagination and Test Track. I recently trade my spare Journey into Imagination by mail and was supposed to receive a Mission Space in return. I have yet to receive it. So, this pin is NOT a duplicate like I originally thought!!! Yay! But I need to stop trying to trade! My 3 attempts have all failed!


I’m missing Nemo and Soarin’.


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