Cats are Jerks, Sometimes


As you may know, I wear my headphones a lot. I listen to podcasts when I’m working, walking or doing chores around the house. Podcasts make any boring task fun.

Yesterday, I arrived home from my walk to discover a friend had called and left a message, and I needed to call him back as soon as possible. So, I tossed my headphones on the bed when I removed my sweatshirt and placed the call. I was gone less than 2 minutes, but I returned to this…


Goodbye another pair of headphones. I have learned some lessons (always buy cheap headphones), but I’ve been away from my cats too long and apparently have formed the bad habit of leaving my headphones unattended. I need to correct that.

I’m well aware of who the headphone-eater is too..


It’s Miss Melody.


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