In Human Years…

A recent issue of Cat Fancy (Yes, I get Cat Fancy…but it’s free thanks to my Fresh Step points…I’m usually too cheap to get magazines at all), they had an article discussing the myth of one cat/dog year equals seven human year. They provided a table that gives the actual age equivalents.

Our kitties in “human years” and there associated age classification:

Miles, Fred & Melody (16 mo.): 18 years old- Juniors

Meredith (2.5 yrs?): 26 years old- Prime

Harree (7 yrs): 44 years old- Mature

Whisket (9 yrs): 52 years old- Mature

Dixee (11 yrs): 60 years old- Senior

Lefty (17 yrs): 84 years old- Geriatric


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