Miss Melody’s Mouse

Miss Melody’s mouse had to go through the washing machine.

My cats have a LOT of toys…seriously, I need to buy them their own toy chest…or better yet, just give them their own playroom. However, Miss Melody has a particular fondness for this mouse. She is always carrying it around and playing with it. One particular game she likes to play is tossing the mouse really high, and then trying to catch it. This has resulted in the mouse ending up in a couple locations that were difficult for her to reach.

The other day, imagine his surprise when Jimmy went to do the dishes and discovered the “mousey” in the kitchen sink buried under some dishes!

Needless to say, the mouse went into the washing machine…it managed to survive both the washer and the dryer, and has been returned to Miss Melody (and she still loves it).

See-through paw, lol. I don’t know what my camera was doing here!






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