Successful Pin Trade!!


Ahh…pin *trading* a way to get new pins without spending any money (except a bit of postage). A few weeks ago, I completed a highly successful pin trade.

Pin trading with strangers through the mail is risky…you never know the quality of the pin you’ll receive back. I’ve decided to reserve by-mail-trading for pins that I have duplicates of or no desire to collect. These pins also happen to be my hidden mickey pins, which are the cheapest of the pins. So, I’m risking losing an inexpensive duplicate/unwanted pin basically.

I traded two of the parking sign pins (shown in the middle, but different characters) for two Duffy Hat pins I did not have! Here’s Duffy in a Goofy hat and a Peter Pan hat!

The pins were in fabulous condition and clearly not scrappers or fakes. YAY!!!!!!!

Duffy was very pleased as these will go on his lanyard with Duffy in the Dreamfinder’s hat, and Duffy in Captain Hook’s hat.


Recent Cat Photos


Here’s Melody and Dixee napping on the giant bed. I just love how their positions are so similar with their paws over their eyes.


Lefty was on the giant bed this day…not his normal spot, but that’s because…


Fred decided to sleep on Lefty’s pillow.


Lefty decided to spend the rest of the day there, even though Fred only stayed on his pillow for less than an hour. Lefty and Miss Melody were snuggling for a good portion of the day.

Countdown to Disney: 41 Weeks


Activities for Week 41

I looked at Option #7 for the dates. In Week 47, I discuss in depth how I go about this process. So, if the below image doesn’t make sense, take a look at that first (also feel free to leave questions below).


I really don’t like the “8” in the Magic Kingdom…that scares me. I’m also not a fan of how early all the MK days fall. I’m not feeling this plan as much as the last one.


I’ve managed to accumulate four M&M tubes for pressed penny money. I have to decide how I want to decorate them.

Binder Updates

I had way too much fun playing with these fonts!!! You can find the fonts I used here (all free!)

Upcoming Master To Do List

  • Watch a movie (someday, someday)
  • Purchase another guidebook with an Amazon gift card I’ve saved since Christmas (I’ve decided which one, but just haven’t ordered it yet)
  • Finish making section headers for binder (MK)
  • Try a new recipe
  • Pick a dates option

Movie Updates

Still at 1 of 26. Things took an unexpected turn this past weekend and we will need to put off movie watching for a few more weeks.

Resource of the Week

I got my snazzy Epcot fonts from a WDW Prep pin on Pinterest!

WDW Virtual Visit

As I mentioned, this week has been really rough, so I left the World Showcase and went over to Fantasyland to try to lift my spirits. I took a ride on Peter Pan.

Question for the Readers

What’s your favorite attraction in Fantasyland?

Recommendation: Miitomo!

Miitomo is a free social app for both Android and iOS released by Nintendo last month.

You make a Mii…


My Mii wears a bun, a blue cardigan, sneakers and jeans…and she has thick dark glasses, and a grump expression- just like me!


You then connect to your friends through social media (follow @crazycatnerd if you want to friend me!) Miitomo will ask you questions about you…favorite things, opinions, what you’ve been up to, etc…and it will then report your answers to your friends. You get to hear all of your friends answers. The more answers you hear, the more points you get to buy new outfits.

It’s not something I want to play all the time (if I have time to play a game, I’m playing Stardew Valley or the Sims). However, it’s great to check in a few minutes before bed, or when you are waiting for something to finish on the stove, or when you are waiting for your husband to be done borrowing tools from Advanced Auto Parts. I’ve learned a lot about my friends and acquaintances who use the app. I wish more of my close friends used it as well!

WDW News Roundup

Jambo Everyone posted some cool videos from Winged Encounters in the Animal Kingdom. This little unadvertised diversion is something I missed last time. I’m looking forward to seeing it in January.

Good news! Fan favorite, the Writer’s Stop, will be staying open at Hollywood Studios according to Touring Plans.

New maps of Hollywood Studios have been released, they’ve removed the section known as Streets of America, and they’ve added in Muppet Courtyard. While, I’m sad to see the Streets of America leave, does this mean that the Muppets are safe? Perhaps they will even get a bit more presence in the park? I hope so.

The staffing cuts for the Citizens of Hollywood has begun. 😦 I didn’t know about this amazing diversion in the parks when I went last time. I am SO sad I will never get to see them live. Thank goodness for the WDW Park Hopper podcast…he’s got some great episodes with some of the Citizens performing.

My Phoenicians (Spaceship Earth) did not make it to the final four! The two representing WDW were the Bellhops (Tower of Terror) and Blasters (Space Mountain). I’m rooting for Disneyland in the finals…their top two were Pirates and Haunted Mansion!

More information about Tiffins, Animal Kingdoms new signature dining restaurant, has been released. Sounds lovely!

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Flashback: Kittens

Here’s a flashback from six years ago! Meredith had her kittens on March 26th, 2010. Kittens Day 8 (A)

Meredith was so good to them. She had to have emergency surgery during labor, and they were pretty sure she wasn’t going to nurse the kittens. She started nursing them again a few hours after surgery.

26476_664485264184_3103732_n26476_664485279154_6847_n26476_664485274164_5709901_n (1)

We had only planned to keep one, but we couldn’t decide which one…so we kept them all.



Podcast Recommendation: Mike Rowe’s The Way I Heard It

I adore Mike Rowe. I don’t necessarily agree with all his politics, but his a fabulously intelligent man with a great sense of humor and an amazing ability to tell stories.

Well, he has a new podcast and I highly recommend it!

You can find them here: if you’d like to listen straight from the website, but I also found it on Stitcher, and I’m sure it is on iTunes as well.

Here’s the official description:

“All good stories have a twist, and all great storytellers are just a little twisted. Join Mike Rowe for a different take on the people and events that you thought you knew, from pop culture to politics, Hollywood to history… The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe is a series of short mysteries for the curious mind with a short attention span.”

Basically, Mike Rowe talks to you about an interesting thing for 5 minutes. You should give it a try.