Countdown to Disney: 39 Weeks


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks! We’ve been very busy, and overall it’s been pretty positive. More good things are starting to happen and we may be getting back on track. Unfortunately, my hectic schedule made the blog quiet for a couple weeks. Lucky for me, the countdown for last week would have ALSO been 40 thanks to the adjustment in our dates. So, I took advantage of that, and didn’t bother making a new countdown post. 😀

Activities for Week 39

General Schedule

I didn’t have much time to work on things this week, but I began coming up with the general scheduled of the trip:

disney schedule 1

I have the dates listed, the main activity (park) for each day, and the lands that will be the focus of that day. I have places to fill in lunch & dinner plans, snack ideas and any goals we want to accomplish on that day.

Binder Updates

Upcoming Master To Do List

  • Watch a movie (so close!)
  • Purchase another guidebook with an Amazon gift card I’ve saved since Christmas (I’ve decided which one, but just haven’t ordered it yet)
  • Try a new recipe
  • Find my unofficial guide
  • Start adding to the binder

Movie Updates

Still at 1 of 26…..SOON. I thought this week was going to be the week, but some important vehicle tasks are taking too long. Hoping we can finally have a day of relaxation soon.

Resource of the Week

I’ve mainly been listening to the WDW Radio podcast and the Dis Unplugged.

WDW Virtual Visit


Question for the Readers

What a Disney movie that you haven’t seen, but really want to?


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Disney: 39 Weeks

  1. ^ I haven’t seen Tomorrowland either. It is on Netflix or Amazon(Starz) (I forget which since these are both my main sources). The live action Jungle Book and Moana. And I am so looking foward to Finding Dory!


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