Successful Pin Trade!!


Ahh…pin *trading* a way to get new pins without spending any money (except a bit of postage). A few weeks ago, I completed a highly successful pin trade.

Pin trading with strangers through the mail is risky…you never know the quality of the pin you’ll receive back. I’ve decided to reserve by-mail-trading for pins that I have duplicates of or no desire to collect. These pins also happen to be my hidden mickey pins, which are the cheapest of the pins. So, I’m risking losing an inexpensive duplicate/unwanted pin basically.

I traded two of the parking sign pins (shown in the middle, but different characters) for two Duffy Hat pins I did not have! Here’s Duffy in a Goofy hat and a Peter Pan hat!

The pins were in fabulous condition and clearly not scrappers or fakes. YAY!!!!!!!

Duffy was very pleased as these will go on his lanyard with Duffy in the Dreamfinder’s hat, and Duffy in Captain Hook’s hat.


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