WDW News Roundup

Jambo Everyone posted some cool videos from Winged Encounters in the Animal Kingdom. This little unadvertised diversion is something I missed last time. I’m looking forward to seeing it in January.

Good news! Fan favorite, the Writer’s Stop, will be staying open at Hollywood Studios according to Touring Plans.

New maps of Hollywood Studios have been released, they’ve removed the section known as Streets of America, and they’ve added in Muppet Courtyard. While, I’m sad to see the Streets of America leave, does this mean that the Muppets are safe? Perhaps they will even get a bit more presence in the park? I hope so.

The staffing cuts for the Citizens of Hollywood has begun. 😦 I didn’t know about this amazing diversion in the parks when I went last time. I am SO sad I will never get to see them live. Thank goodness for the WDW Park Hopper podcast…he’s got some great episodes with some of the Citizens performing.

My Phoenicians (Spaceship Earth) did not make it to the final four! The two representing WDW were the Bellhops (Tower of Terror) and Blasters (Space Mountain). I’m rooting for Disneyland in the finals…their top two were Pirates and Haunted Mansion!

More information about Tiffins, Animal Kingdoms new signature dining restaurant, has been released. Sounds lovely!

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One thought on “WDW News Roundup

  1. We really enjoyed Winged Encounters! It was pretty neat when we went, because they had a new bird from the Toledo Zoo they were training.

    I was very confused by the Writer’s Shop because the last time I went it was a store for shows on ABC. Or at least I think that’s where it was 😉

    I hope for more Muppets as well. I was super bummed because the only souvenir I wanted apparently didn’t exist! If you’ve seen the new Muppets show there are coffee mugs they use in the opening and I wanted to buy one. They don’t make them =P


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