Countdown to Disney: 42 Weeks

This week’s countdown post is themed around the castle. Duffy had a wardrobe change. He’s now in his treasure map shirt.


Activities for Week 42

I looked at Option #6 for the dates. In Week 47, I discuss in depth how I go about this process. So, if the below image doesn’t make sense, take a look at that first (also feel free to leave questions below).


I really like this set of dates. I love how MK is the first day, the last day, and then one in the middle. I love how there are three low-crowd days in a row at the end of the trip. The average crowd level we experience is also among the lowest estimated so far. This set of dates will definitely be a contender!

Binder Updates

You can find the fonts I used here.

Upcoming Master To Do List

  • Watch a movie
  • Purchase another guidebook with an Amazon gift card I’ve saved since Christmas (I’ve decided which one, but just haven’t ordered it yet)
  • Finish making section headers for binder (MK and Epcot)
  • Try a new recipe
  • Dates Option 7

Movie Updates

Still at 1 of 26. Someday we will be able to watch movies again. Next weekend maybe? I’m thinking this could happen soon! Our schedule is looking up next week.

Resource of the Week

Ellie’s Ramblings– Ellie is a vlogger that I adore. She posts videos about a lot of things, but many related to Disney. She visits Disneyland Paris the most often since she’s in England, but she is doing a wonderful series dedicated to her trip to WDW back in October. She’s almost done with it, but you should check it out from the beginning. I first found her from this video on how to meet characters in the parks. Ellie is amazing with the characters, she really gets them interacting.

WDW Virtual Visit

I toured France on WDW Virtual Visit. We didn’t spend much time in France when we went, so it was interesting. We also missed the France movie. It looks nice (but not as fun as Canada).

Question for the Readers

Do you have any Disney vloggers to recommend? Mention them below (for myself and other readers!)


One thought on “Countdown to Disney: 42 Weeks

  1. We’ve only done the France movie once or twice, usually at the end of the night when we’re exhausted and want a sitting break 😉

    Tommy and I are thinking about making it a new vacation goal to visit theme parks in other countries. Disneyland Paris would be so cool! I think we need to hit the parks in California first, though!


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