Quick Favor: Vote for My Family’s Butterfly Habitat!!!

Butterfly Information

My wonderful parents run a butterfly habitat on Cape Cod called Butterflies of Cape Cod. BoCC is focused on native species, conservation, increasing awareness of the importance of pollinators, teaching the public how to grow their own gardens, and lots of other good stuff.

They’d like to expand their learning center and public outreach programs, so they’ve applied for a Seeds of Change small business grant.

Phase one of the judging has begun, and it’s a public vote. Please, please head over to this website and give them a vote!!! You can vote for them once a day. They work very hard and are doing great work, and are very deserving of this.

Click here to vote: https://www.seedsofchangegrant.com/GalleryDetail.aspx?id=2001

NGS Picture ID:996510

An orange question mark butterfly on a leafy twig.

If you’d like more info they have a website: http://butterfliesofcapecod.com/

And a new blog they started this year: https://butterfliesofcapecod.wordpress.com/


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