Duffy’s Wishlist

Duffy was sick and tired of holding the countdown sign all day, so he decided to give me a hand!


Are you lucky enough to live with a Duffy? Or know someone who does? Well, this post is for you. Duffy & I made a wishlist of some items you can currently find that your Duffy friend would love to have.

Don’t know who Duffy the Disney Bear is? *gasp* Duffy was a bear that Minnie sewed for Mickey before a long overseas voyage. She packed him in a duffle bag for Mickey. Duffy was made with love and to keep Mickey from getting lonely. Duffy LOVES to travel. He loves going to Disney, and other places, and taking selfies. You can learn more about him here: http://www.disneyparksmerchandise.com/parksauthentic/duffy-the-disney-bear/

  1. ShellieMay– Well, the first thing on Duffy’s wishlist is his girlfriend, ShellieMay, of course. Available at the Disney Store online.


2. Toy Story Alien Pajama Set- This is only available on the Shop Disney Parks app (OS/Android) and in the parks. Pajamas for Duffy with the little aliens from Toy Story. Adorable!


3. BAB Dino Hoodie– While official Disney Duffy gear is very adorable and fun, it’s also expensive. The above PJ set is $33. However, Build-a-Bear clothes fit the 17″ (standard/medium) Duffy just fine. My Duffy’s clothes all come from BAB. For example, this cute dinosaur hoodie is only $8.50!


4. BAB Han Solo Costume- Suitable for both Halloween & a trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Duffy’s fourth pick is a Han Solo costume.


5. BAB Blue & Green Button-up– Sometimes, Duffy wants to dress up a little. This BAB shirt would pair very well with his khaki shorts.


6. BAB “On the Go” Onesie Sleeper– If Duffy can’t have the cool Toy Story pajamas, he’ll take this comfy-looking sleeper.


7. BAB Bedding– Duffy wants his very own place to sleep, and can have it with this adorable bedding from BAB.


8. Reindeer Pajamas– Duffy loves Christmas as much as I do (and it’s close to the Disney trip!), so why not get prepared early? These reindeer pajamas are so cute, and who knows if they will still be available this December?


9. Mickey Mouse Poncho– When it rains at Disney, everyone is wearing a poncho! Duffy wants an official Mickey poncho, so he can stay out of the rain. Unfortunately, this isn’t sold at the Disney Store, or on the Shop Disney Parks app, so you need to find it from a third party Disney merchandise dealer, like: YourWDWStore.

10. Duffy Tsum Tsum– There is a Duffy Tsum Tsum!






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