Cat Tales: Oh, Miles!

I wanted to share with you a few moments that happened recently that are representative of life with Miles (affectionately nicknamed chicken nugget due to his cowardice).

Sadly, I have no photos of these incidents, as I wasn’t prepared for them, so please just enjoy some random photos of his cuteness.

IMG_6004 (Large)

Miles & the Air Mattress

Many weeks ago, I began sleeping in the living room to be closer to Harold. Since our house lacks a living room couch at the moment, this meant sleeping on the air mattress. 

Miles decided the air mattress was a monster when I first turned on the air pump to blow it up. As you know, cats aren’t fond of loud noises. While the other cats viewed this as an inconvenience, or even a slightly terrifying singular event, Miles decided this meant the entire air mattress was to be feared for all time.

Within minutes of me blowing the mattress up, Melody was already exploring it. Dixee wasn’t far behind, and within a few days all the cats were enjoying this new giant cat bed in the middle of the living room.

Except for poor Miles. He watched his siblings in horror. He gave wide berth to the mattress whenever he needed to walk by it. Anytime it was accidentally bumped (by humans or by other cats), Miles would hiss at it, back away slowly, and eventually when he felt he was out of immediate danger, run away. 

We tried our best to avoid stressing him out. While it was funny as it was happening, I was also concerned for his mental health. Fortunately for him, Miles moves on from events like this easily. He recovered within mere seconds of being away from the mattress, and was his usual friendly self.


Miles & the Xbox

We have an Xbox 360 that we hardly ever use. We got it free with my laptop (the primary gaming machine at the moment) a few years ago. Anyway, it’s sitting on the floor in the living room (in case we want to watch a DVD), but it doesn’t get enough activity for the cats to be familiar with the noises it makes. 

If you are familiar with the console, you know that you don’t really need to touch it for it to power up, it senses you if you hold your finger close enough to the button. 

Miles managed to walk too close to the console and turned it on. His subsequent jumping at the noise resulted in the Xbox disk drawer opening. Miles interpreted that as a clear sign of aggression.

He hissed at it and backed away a bit. He then stared at it for the next 30 minutes.

IMG_6045 (Large)

Miles & The Domino Effect

Just this weekend, I looked up to see Miles moving backwards at a fast pace, as a small fleece Christmas blanket chased him. The blanket was caught on his nail. 

Before I had a chance to move in for assistance, he had crossed the living room floor startling Meredith on the scratching post. The sudden movement of Meredith awoke the Miss Melody. Melody, being startled and confused by the situation, leaped hastily from the scratching post to the bedroom bureau that is still in our living room (ahh, moving). 

Miss Melody’s landing knock over the cardboard snowman filled with mints. The subsequent loud crash caused the rest of the cats to scamper, and Fred to hide under the bed.

Oh, Miles!


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