Places to Visit in Virginia: Virginia Aquarium

This series has changed from “Places I want to visit when I move to Virginia” to “Places I want to visit when I have time and money now that I live in Virginia”. But, the idea is still the same. 🙂 I will report on all of these places when I finally get to go to them.


Rlevse [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia

At just over 2.5 hours away (Virginia Beach), a trip to the Virginia Aquarium will be an all-day affair. Or perhaps a weekend event. However, I’m excited to have a decent sized aquarium within driving distance.


By Virginia State Parks staff (Swimming in Safety Uploaded by AlbertHerring)
[CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

The Virginia Aquarium seems like it must be pretty big (despite the appearance of the entrance). They have a couple of uniquely themed exhibits (such as the Mediterranean Sea) that I look forward to exploring. They also have a 3D theater.

If you’ve been to the Virginia Aquarium feel free to leave some tips in the comments. Or perhaps recommendations of other nearby attractions.


2 thoughts on “Places to Visit in Virginia: Virginia Aquarium

  1. As far as other things to do in the area, there’s a waterfront area that’s supposed to be pretty neat. I think there’s also a lighthouse or two nearby. You might like False Cape State Park. It’s supposed to be pretty with neat trails.


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