…listening to…

  • Criminal– A podcast about true crime. The stories are from a variety of perspectives, so each episode is a but different.


  • Stardew Valley– Of course! My husband and I are taking turns playing it on my laptop. We decided to spend the $15 as a treat after last week, and to give us something to look forward to in the evenings. It is SO worth it. I LOVE this game and I can’t get enough.



  • Doc Martin (season 5)- This is my second run through with the Doc. I originally watched it when I was living alone back in Toledo. Now, I am making Jimmy watch it with me. It’s a British medical comedy drama about a curmugeondly surgeon from London become the a GP in a tiny town in the country. It’s become one of my all time favorite shows. I love the characters.
  • The X-Files (season 5)- We had started re-watching The X-Files from the beginning last year, but stopped. After watching the recent revival season, we decided to take up watching it again.

…obsessing over..

  • Stardew Valley- AGAIN….it qualifies as both a game and an obsession for me. Seriosuly, folks.
  • Tsum Tsums


  • Programming- My programming class was challenging and took up a lot of time, but it was fun! I plan on continuing to learn how to code in Python by using free exercises online.
  • Beading- I’m making beaded bracelets for my mom’s butterfly habitat that are inspired by the colors of native species of butterflies. I’m learning a lot about beadwork.

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