WDW News

Animal Kingdom

  • Sunset Safaris- The Sunset Safari will be an extension of the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction. Beginning April 22nd, the ride will take a different path at night and be illuminated through lighting that is supposed to make it seem like an extended sunset. Flash photography will be discouraged, and the emphasis of the attraction will be on sound. The stops will be longer.
  • Rivers of Light- The Rivers of Light show will also begin April 22nd. The seating area only seat 5,000 (smaller than Fantasmic!), so it will likely run multiple times on busier nights.
  • Tiffens- The new table service restaurant will open up around the same time.
  • Later hours at AK- The park will begin to stay open later for the new nighttime show and Sunset Safari. Since the walking trails will continue to close early, they plan to provide additional entertainment (musicians).
  • Gi-Tar Dan will no longer be performing at Animal Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

  • Storymaker- WDW is starting to expand the capabilities of MagicBands (as originally planned). Now, at the end of Small World, you will see a goodbye message with your name.

Hollywood Studios

  • Minnie’s Springtime Dine- From now until the beginning of June, Hollywood & Vine will have a spring-themed character dining experience with Minnie and friends. Characters will be dressed up in their spring outfits, and they will have a couple specialty items such as a coconut-lavender lemonade.

All Around WDW

  • Preferred Parking- Arriving early will no longer give you the best parking. If you want to park near the entrance, you’ll need to pay an additional fee.
  • Resort Fees- WDW is considering adding nightly resort fees to their rooms to charge people for previously included items such as Magic Express, Magic Bands, etc…
  • Purple Magic Bands- Purple magic bands can now be selected as one of the bands that comes with your package (previously you could only purchase it).


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One thought on “WDW News

  1. The sunset safari sounds so cool! I really like the idea of focusing on sounds and the stops being longer. I hope they don’t have to play sound recordings if the sounds don’t happen frequently enough.

    I’m really curious where the seating area is for Rivers of Light. I’ll have to check out a map.

    I liked Gi-Tar Dan =\

    I get excited with each expansion of Magic Band capabilities!

    I’m bummed about the whole preferred parking business. It was really nice being able to arrive early to MK and get good parking. It feels like Disney is really shifting gears and starting to nickel and dime for more things. I feel like doing things like that make it lose a little bit of sparkle and what set it apart from its competitors. The same thing with adding resort fees =\


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