Countdown to Disney: 45 weeks

Once again, thank you for your continued patience regarding the lack of updates. My programming class is ending shortly (next week!!), so my time should increase a bit…hopefully.

Duffy needs a wardrobe change! He also needs to get out more…poor guy must have a sore booty from sitting in the same place for weeks. He must be excited about the countdown, as it is also the countdown til he gets to meet his new friend, Shellie May. 😉

Activities for Week 45

I re-organized my master to-do list spreadsheet. For weekly variety purposes, it has several categories (Planning, Binder, Movies, Shopping, Extras) which make up the columns, and the rows are labeled by week countdown. Planning is all the crunchy bits- crowd calendars, ADRs, fast passes, budgets, etc… The Binder category is when I add things to the planning binder. Movies just means watching Disney movies. Eventually, shopping will be actually shopping for items that are useful for my trip, or just fun (such as custom buttons and ears, and clothes for Duffy), but for now it’s planning/research related to that. Extras include Disney recipes, Pinterest, reading blogs & news, and figuring out what items in my closet can be used for DisneyBounding. Each week, I attempt (in a very casual sense, the list is very flexible) to do each of the things listed in that category for the week. I’m constantly adding to and re-arranging the list. However, due to lack of planning  over the past several weeks, the list had gotten a bit unruly, so I did some housekeeping.

I also calculated the crowd levels for Options #2 and #3. As you may recall, I was using data collected from the Touring Plans crowd calendar to determine several hypothetical options for trip dates (see this post if you need a refresher).

Here are my first three options:


Option #2 gives me the best overall crowds, but I have an Magic Kingdom level 7 day (eek!). However, I do like that I don’t visit MK until the third day (I like postponing the excitement!), and it’s my first MK day that’s the high crowds (so plenty of time to catch-up on the other two visits). HS is also neatly in the middle…I think it’s the best park spread in addition to being the lowest average levels. Maybe I will get lucky and it’ll rain on that high crowd day! 🙂

My next set of dates occur much later in January, so it’ll be interesting to see how those work out.

Binder Updates

No new updates. Just some planning/neatening. Hopefully, I’ll have some time to work on the binder next week.

Upcoming Master To Do List

  • Watch A movie
  • Purchase another guidebook with an Amazon gift card I’ve saved since Christmas
  • Make some searches on Pinterest
  • Calculate options 4&5 for the dates
  • Finish making section headers for binder

Movie Updates

Still at 1 of 26. Someday we will be able to watch movies again.

Resource of the Week

Haley at Magic of Disney Parks is doing a great job of updating her site frequently with Disney news. You should go check it out!

WDW Virtual Visit

I’ve started watching a video with breakfast on most mornings. So, I left Living with the Land and explored the Imagination Pavilion (Figment would be so much better without the skunk smell part. It’s not as well done as the previous version, but I still enjoy it. I fondly remember my Figment stuffed animal from when I was a kid.) And then I headed to Canada. I even watched the movie…..”Cannaaaaaadaa, my Canadaaa, you’re a lifetime journey for the traveler.” It was dark and rainy when we visited the Canada Pavilion, so it was nice to see it in the sun.

Question for the Readers

What is your favorite country in the World Showcase? If you are planning a trip, what country are you most excited to visit?


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