February Update on Harree


Harree’s health has been in a rapid state of decline for the last couple weeks. After a couple trips to the vet including a full day of IV-fluids produced no improvement (in fact made him worse due the stress of the experience), we are now in the end stage. We are just doing everything we can to ensure he is well-nourished and loved until we reach that time. Given the rate of decline, I’m guessing we are down to days, maybe weeks.


Eating is becoming increasingly more of a challenge for Harree. The excess of what has to be horrible-tasting saliva (based on the smell) has made locating his food, chewing his food and swallowing food difficult, and likely unappetizing. Last week, we were doing varieties plates like the one above with wet food, cantaloupe, dried chicken treats, kibble and hard treats. The vet has instructed me to feed him anything he will eat regardless of how bad it is for the kidneys. At this stage, eating at all is more important.

This week has been worse, and we moved on to a variety of wet food options, tuna broth and then a nutritional paste I try shoving in his mouth.


This is what the top of my cat-cabinet looks like. The fancy feast box belongs to the rest of the kitties, but everything else is Harold’s. I got a bit of everything to try and there’s often more than one can open in the fridge at a time.

I’m so thankful I don’t have a job right at this moment. I’m free to feed him 10+ times a day, carry him outside for “walks” (he loves the wind and sunshine), turn on the sink when he needs it, watch to make sure he doesn’t get bullied by the other kitties, catch him when he falls, etc… I feel guilty when I need to leave him for more than a couple hours.

He LOVES our “walks”…he gets very affectionate when we stand on the porch together. Yesterday was sunny, so we stood on the stairs in the warm sunshine, and he titled his head back and closed his eyes. I let him nibble on a dried leaf too (his favorite outdoor activity).

We have good days and bad days. Some days he refuses to eat, and some days I cry. But yesterday was a good day.

This post has been emotionally exhausting, and I can’t write anymore.



6 thoughts on “February Update on Harree

  1. It was hard for me to read this post, so I can’t even imagine how it is going through this. Please know that we all love you, and are so appreciative you’re there to take care of Harree. If there is anything we can do to help, please let me know! Even if it’s driving down and staying with you guys for a week or two, that’d be my pleasure.


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