Countdown to Disney: 47 Weeks

Thank you for your continued patience as I attempt to get things back in order. I haven’t quite found time for additional blog posts, but at least this one arrived quicker than the last!


Activities for Week 47

Last week, I explained how I begin to choose potential dates for the trip. I calculate an average resort crowd level for every potential set of 8 days (my ideal trip length) and then further investigate the potential of each set of days with the lowest average level. I explained the first steps in greater detail in that post.

This week I looked at “option #1” or the first set of dates that had best overall crowd numbers. In order to evaluate option 1, I go about the process of selecting parks for each day of this hypothetical trip.


First, I like to figure out what would be the best day to attend each park. Each park should have one day with relatively reduced crowds. So, I highlighted in blue the best day for each park, and, in green, the second best day.


Magic Kingdom gets first dibs. To me, it seems like you feel the crowds most at the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Since I’m not a huge fan of DHS, MK always gets the first pick.


After that decision, it was relatively easy. Since I already eliminated the best day for DHS, I had 3 options for that park. I chose the one that wasn’t on the table for the other two. I chose AK with its lovely level 2, and a 3-level day for Epcot.

Now it is time to choose the remainder of the days. My preference is for 1 additional day at both AK and Epcot, and 2 additional days at MK.


I then highlighted the best park for each of the remaining days. DHS gets completely grayed out since I only go there once. AK only had 1 day where it was the best choice, so that was an easy pick. Once I had my days sorted, I recorded the anticipated crowd level I’d experience each day based on my chosen park.

Option 1 Result

This gives me an average crowd level that *I* would experience on this particular trip given how I like to tour. I will now repeat this process for each of the other date options and compare the average crowd level along with how well I like the park scheduling (I’d rather have my MK days in the middle/end, for example).

Binder Updates

I’m working on collecting information about specific areas of Hollywood Studios, but I haven’t printed anything yet for the binder.

Upcoming Master To Do List

  • Watch another movie
  • Setup Disney Vacation Account
  • Start considering if there are any beginnings to Disneybounding outfits in my closet
  • Continue working on potential schedule using crowd calendar
  • Work on specific details for DHS sections

Movie Updates

Still at 1 of 26. We haven’t had enough time to make any progress. 😦 We are so behind. We plan on having a weekly movie night once things settle down.

Resource of the Week

Touring Plans continues to be my primary resource for the crowd calendar stuff. I tried hunting down Hollywood Studios specific resources, but I can’t find any.

WDW Virtual Visit

I continued exploring the Land Pavilion with Living with the Land.

Question for the Readers

Do you know of any park-specific resources? I’m looking for a site like JamboEveryone/RadioHarambe (Animal Kingdom based) but for the other parks.

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8 thoughts on “Countdown to Disney: 47 Weeks

  1. I feel like I say this every post, but I love seeing you break down how you pick your days! Greying out the days no longer in consideration, etc. It’s fab! And the coming up with your own expected average crowd level. Genius! Wish I knew any resources to help you out =\


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