Countdown to Disney: 48 weeks

As I mentioned in my last post, life has prevented me from keeping up with my regular blogging schedule. Not only did I miss last week altogether, this week’s countdown is coming a few days late.

My Disney vacation planning did suffer during this time. In fact, Duffy never saw a “Week 49” countdown. However, I did manage to sneak some stuff in here and there…and definitely yesterday and today. As the stress increases, the importance of finding time to escape to my happy place does as well. Harold, my cat with chronic kidney failure, is not doing well at all. I will post more about that in an upcoming post. Disney provides a welcome diversion during difficult times.


Activities for the Week

The Crowd Calendar on Touring Plans is now available for all the possible dates I’d consider for my trip. So, obviously, it is time to start playing around with scheduling! I highly suggest using a crowd calendar for your Walt Disney World trip. Not only can it help you decide exactly which days to go, but also what parks to visit on which day. The crowd levels between parks can vary drastically. Lower crowds can make a huge difference in the experience, particularly if you are someone who hates crowds (like my husband and I) or wants to ride as many rides as possible (fewer people means shorter wait times!).

On our previous trip, we relied solely on the Touring Plans website. While that still will be my primary source, I plan on also consulting easyWDW and WDW Prep School when their calendars become available. Since I’m a scientist, I like to maximize my date and consult the experts!

I fully anticipate several updates to the crowd level predictions before our trip, but I plan on continuing to tweak our schedule as the time grows closer.

I grabbed the Touring Plans calendar for all the dates I want to consider (beginning of January to beginning of February). I plugged them into a spreadsheet and then looked at the average crowd resort levels for 8 day chunks (my ideal trip length).


Here’s a screenshot. You can see I added in a column between the date and the resort crowd levels. I then averaged the levels in red circle, and had them appear where the red arrow indicates. I then scrolled through looking for the lowest average levels (all around 5) and highlighted those dates. In this case, one of the best times to go will be January 4th to January 11th, but also the 5th to the 12th, and 6th to the 13th. There were more candidates further down as well.

We’ll discuss my next step during our next countdown post. 🙂

I also watched a few more segments of the Disney Vacation Planning “DVD” (the online version). The segment about Finding Nemo the Musical made me tear up, LOL.

Thanks to a friend who sent me a recipe last year for Le Cellier’s Canadian Cheddar Soup, I will be giving that a try next week as a Disney recipe.

Binder Updates

I finished making all the headings for the sections of the Hollywood Studios chapter. It’s my least favorite park, which is why I started there.


I also found a fun article on Touring Plans about ways you can help spread the magic. I printed that out and added it to the general section in the beginning.


Upcoming Master To Do List

  • Watch another movie
  • Setup Disney Vacation Account
  • Start considering if there are any beginnings to Disneybounding outfits in my closet
  • Continue working on potential schedule using crowd calendar
  • Search out more detailed maps of DHS to go with the new sections

Movie Updates

Still at 1 of 26. We haven’t had enough time to make any progress.

Resource of the Week

Touring Plans has been my primary resource these past couple of weeks.

WDW Virtual Visit

I continued on from The Seas over to The Land Pavilion to watch Soarin

Question for the Readers

Which is more important- crowd levels or the order in which visit the parks?

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2 thoughts on “Countdown to Disney: 48 weeks

  1. Thinking of you and your clan right now ❤

    I must say, I LOVE your method for choosing dates! This 8 day average is an awesome idea!

    I have 7 official Disney cookbooks (mostly Food & Wine festival – also, I think I have an addiction 😉 ), so let me know if there's ever anything you're looking for!


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