Countdown to Disney: 50 Weeks


Activities for the Week

Any guesses as to which ride this week’s countdown marker is a tribute to?

It’s hard to believe I’m already down to 50 weeks! On the one hand, it’s disappointing that we aren’t in a position to starting saving yet. But yay for only 50 weeks!

This week, I created two jars…one for pennies and one for quarters. Once I have a decent amount of each, I will wash and shine the pennies. Next I will pair each penny with two quarters and place stacks of these pairings in a mini M&M tube. This will provide me with a tidy way to keep track of the coin I want to use for my pressed penny collection around the parks.


I’ve also been continuing to watch the official Disney planning videos that I mentioned in my last post.

And I watched the official livestream of Fantasmic! that was available Tuesday evening.

Binder Updates

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve finished adding all the maps, times guides, tips from my TA, etc…from my last trip to the binder. Everything is all neat and tidy now.

Upcoming Master To Do List

  • Watch another movie
  • Find a Disney recipe to try
  • Finish making the headers for the DHS section of the binder
  • Watch the planning DVD
  • Setup Disney Vacation Account

Movie Updates

Still at 1 of 26. ONCE AGAIN, we didn’t manage to watch Lilo & Stitch, so now that it is February we are behind. Hope to correct that this week.

Resource of the Week

For more info on the pressed pennies in Disney, check out The Mouse for Less, Park Pennies, and Dixie Delights.


WDW Virtual Visit

I decided I needed to see my spirit guide, Dory, so I went over to Epcot to one of my favorite places at Disney World- the Seas with Nemo and Friends! I started out with a ride on Nemo. And then explored the seas…we had a great time here last year watching the manatees and I purchased the soundtrack to Finding Nemo: The Musical. I hope they have lots of Dory merchandise next year after the release of her new movie!! Finally finished with a visit to the Coral Reef Restaurant, Jimmy & I received a free dessert here from Mickey because of our honeymoon- it was delicious! They also put us right up front, one row away from the tank. It was a great view!

Question for the Readers

Do you collect pressed pennies? Do you have something else you collect when you travel (Disney or elsewhere) such as shot glasses or magnets?

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2 thoughts on “Countdown to Disney: 50 Weeks

  1. Super cute idea for the change jars, and super clever to travel with the mini M&M jars! I’m guessing part of the joy will be collecting pennies and quarters yourself, but if that’s not the case, let me know because I’ve got a lot of extras 😉

    Our most common souvenir is a pin or two, if we find one that resonates with us, or is commemorating something significant to us or the trip. I like it because it doesn’t take up too much space and is easy to display on a hanging lanyard.


  2. that is a great idea. ill have to add that to my idea book. I collect pressed pennies as well. I just need to sort find and organize all the ones I already have. I also collect keychains and Plushies. However I do feel like I need to downsize everything 😛


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