Day Zero Project Update

If you are unfamiliar with the Day Zero Project, I recommend checking out this website: I don’t use the website since I’ve been participating since before the official website actually existed, but it’s a good place for beginners. Basically, you make a list of 101 personal goals and you have 1001 days to achieve them. Thus far, I’ve never managed to complete even half my list, but lists and challenges are fun, so I continue on.

This list has been severely hampered by personal events (my wedding, selling a home, moving to a new state, etc…), but I’m slowly making progress. I have just over a year left on this list. Hopefully, enough time to get a bunch more items checked off.

Category: Cats

I’ve made some progress in this category as I’ve gotten Miss Melody to start losing weight. It’s a slow process, but we’ve definitely made some progress. Also, awhile back we added Meredith to the Banfield Wellness Plan, meaning all the cats except Whisket are now covered.


Category: Tabletop Games

No recent progress as we haven’t had anytime for games thanks to spending all our weekend time fixing vehicles (and a few other complications). However, I apparently haven’t updated the list in quite some time and my completion of playing Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective had not been listed. It is an awesome game. I highly recommend (but when you do play make sure you have lots of mental energy available…it takes a long time and requires concentration and observation).

Category: Video Games

I’ve definitely made some progress here (of course!) I have goals involving playing each game on my Steam account for at least 5 hours (or until completed) and to have finished 30% of those games. I’ve been actively trying to finish some of the smaller games on my Steam account, and trying to play new games when possible. For playing every game, I’m at 41%, for finish 30% I’m at 30% (of the 30%). I’ve had some setbacks when earning Sim achievements, but I’ve made progress here as well. I’ve started a Legacy which will hopefully help me achieve a bunch. You can read about Martin Bowling here.

12-29-15_8-41-04 AM

Category: Books

As I’ve discussed here recently, I’ve been making progress on my book challenge. I’m still waiting to hear back from several people on their book ideas, but I’ve obtained my first suggested book and started reading.

Category: Movies, TV, Podcasts

I’ve recently been giving ratings and reviews for some of my favorite podcasts. I’ve rated 12 out of my 20-ratings goal. Ratings are super important for podcasts as it helps them get new listeners.

Category: Science and Learning

Since I last updated my list, I have completed two of these…update my resume and update LinkedIn. I’m also in the middle of taking an online course.

Category: Snailmail

I completed my goal of finding a postcard penpal awhile ago. I have a few now, actually.

Category: Creation

A great while back (more than a year), I completed the goal of remaking a lotion for Jimmy’s aunt that I had made previously and she requested me to make again. Since then, however, I haven’t made any progress in this category.

Category: Misc

I’ve made a new list of Disney movies and we’ve watched one so far. I also created a new Food Passport for down here since it’s unlikely I will be completing the Toledo one. I suppose one could make arguments that computer coding could be useful in a zombie apocalypse, but I don’t think I’ll be counting it.

No Progress Achieved:

I haven’t made any progress in my D&D/Pathfinder category. We had to stop our game because of the move and I haven’t had time to work on bringing it together online. So, these goals have been shelved for now.





One thought on “Day Zero Project Update

  1. I’m so glad you’re continuing with these lists since you enjoy them =) I would’ve given up after not completing the list on the first try. Way to go!

    And I totally want to play that Sherlock game with you again. I loved it!


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