What is a ‘Tsum Tsum’?

The phrase “Tsum Tsum” is something you’ve probably heard of, but you might be unfamiliar with exactly what a Tsum Tsum is. Understandably so, as there is no obvious TV show or movie from which they derive. Their beginnings are actually quite humble…


…a simple mobile game app. Actually, the little stuffed plushies were released at the same time as the app. The game is a simple matching/elimination game with a collecting mechanic (collecting new Tsum Tsums to play with). The phrase Tsum Tsum is derived from the Japanese word “to stack” (tsumu). The oddly shaped critters that resemble Disney characters are designed to be stacked on top of each other like a pyramid:


Since the initial release in Japan in 2013, the Tsum Tsum line has grown dramatically and new character collections are being released all the time. You can buy the little tiny plushies at Target for around $5. There are now other sizes, limited edition versions, pillows and other merchandise.

They even have some cartoons starring the Tsum Tsums on You Tube.

Adults and children collect them. Some people get a little crazy about finding particular ones, even.

I started my tiny collection thanks to a Disney Grab bag Jimmy got me. It had one of the Seven Dwarfs…and I’ve managed to collect a few since (though none recently).

Basically, they are the new beanie baby…just less expensive, more adorable and based on your favorite Disney characters. And they have their own game and cartoon series.

Oh, and they also have ones based on the Disney PARKS….like the new Haunted Mansion line…just in case anyone needs ideas for my birthday.


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