Lists: Nerding Out About….January 2016

…listening to…

  • No Sleep Podcast– I’m still in love with the No Sleep podcast…much to my surprise…I didn’t realize I could be a fan of horror.
  • Gimlet Media- Also, still love anything made by Gimlet media…and they have new shows on the way.
  • Serial– Serial is back with season 2. Of course I am listening to that!
  • Undisclosed– If you listened and enjoyed the last season of Serial, you might be interested in Undisclosed. It continues following the case, discusses it in more depth, and gives lots of legal perspective. It’s not fleshed out in the nice story style of Serial, and the production isn’t as good. However, if you compare it to similarly not-as-well-funded podcasts, it’s on par. And it’s interesting to see how the case develops.


  • Her Story– Her Story has been sitting in my Steam queue for a little while, so I decided to check it off the list. It’s a very unique game with simple mechanics and a complicated story. You are sitting at a computer from the 90s, and you are trying to learn about a particular case from a poorly organized police database of videos. You can only pull up 5 search results of short video clips using a search bar and keywords. So, the game plays as such: search a word you think may be involved (starting very general and moving towards specific), watch all the video clips, take notes, try to piece together what is happening, write down any words you could possibly search that were mentioned in the clip, repeat with one of your new search terms. It’s pretty fun, and it won’t take you too much time to complete.
  • Journal– I picked this up for super cheap during a recent Steam sale (actually, I had a gift card so it was free to me). It’s a casual point n’click with a touching story. It was very quick to complete. It reminded me of Gone Home.
  • The Book of Unwritten Tales– I’m currently playing this adorable and well-executed point n’ click adventure that is full of comedy and references (to LOTR, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, D&D). It’s fun and adorable.



  • Person of Interest (season 2)- I previously had no interest in this show, but Supernatural taught me that you sometimes need to watch a full season or 2 before you find a gem…POI was like that for me. Now that we are on the second season, I’ve become attached to the characters.
  • Broadchurch (season 2)- I love David Tennant, British shows, and detective shows…so I adore Broadchurch.

…obsessing over..

  • Tsum Tsums– Sadly can’t afford to buy any, but I play the game and love the ones I have.


  • To Code- I’m taking an online course to learn how to code because it seems like a useful skill to have for any science field. It’s taking up more of my time than expected. It’s also quite frustrating at times, but also very rewarding when actually get the darn code to work!

3 thoughts on “Lists: Nerding Out About….January 2016

  1. I’ve got to admit, I’m terrified of learning to code. I took a Matlab class in undergrad and thought it wasn’t terrible, but I’ve never tried again. Did you sign up for an online class? What language? Now I’m curious =)


    • Yep, it’s an online class through edX. It’s free. It’s taught by MIT and it’s an introduction to computer science and programming using Python. It takes up a lot of my time, but I’m enjoying it. It’s very rewarding and I like how it’s going to give me an actual skill I can write on my resume, as supposed to just a class on a general science topic where I just gain knowledge…in this case, I can just add another line to my technical skills that says I know how to program in Python.


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