Countdown to Disney: 52 Weeks


Activities for Week 52

I reviewed my list of goals for my (now cancelled) 2016 trip. They were:

  • Record ride order on park map
  • Eat a Disney Cupcake (not the grey stuff)
  • Pick-A-Pearl
  • Get three autographs
  • Buy a pair of earrings from a country in the world showcase (not Mexico)
  • Ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • See Festival of the Lion King
  • Watch the Main Street Electrical Parade
  • Take photos and record info for three excellent experiences with Cast Members, so I can give them a shout-out after
  • Eat dessert poop in Animal Kingdom
  • Take three photos of Jimmy or myself each day
  • Be a Fairy Godmailer.

I still love the idea of recording the order I experience rides on an extra park map and dating it. Knowing my path will be so helpful when trying to write a trip report or caption pictures. Trying out a new Disney cupcake remains a fabulous idea. I still want to do the pick-a-pearl in Japan, and purchase another set of earrings in Epcot- the pair on my last trip was Mexico, which is why it is the exception. I still wish to experience Seven Dwarfs Maine Train, Festival of the Lion King, and the Main Street Electrical Parade. If I can muster the courage, I plan to get three autographs while there. Taking photos of ourselves and cast members still both seem like sound ideas. I’m super excited to be a Fairy Godmailer too. So, the only thing I need to change- NO MORE ANIMAL POOP DESSERTS. 😦 😦 😦 Sadness.


Binder Updates

I’ve added a list of the goals mentioned above to the front of the binder. I also found some page protectors in our office supply stash, so I’ve been adding maps, times guides, and other goodies to those. I plan to put them in the appropriate sections when I’m done organizing them.


Upcoming Master To Do List

  • Watch another movie
  • Checkout new planning DVDs
  • Find a Disney recipe to try
  • Finish making the headers for the DHS section of the binder
  • Start a penny & quarter jar (for pressed pennies)

Movie Updates

Still at 1 of 26. Hoping to get in Lilo & Stitch (on Netflix) by the end of the month.

Resource of the Week

The official Disney Parks Blog is a great way to keep up with park news!

WDW Virtual Visit

This week I need some cheering up, so I took a ride on one of my favorites…Pirates of the Caribbean! “We wants the redhead!”

Question for the Readers

What is on your Disney “goals” list? Anything you haven’t done that you’d like to do on your next trip? Or, if you haven’t been, is there anything you’ve heard of that you know you have to try out?

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One thought on “Countdown to Disney: 52 Weeks

  1. We got *so* lucky our last trip! I think we did everything we wanted to =D I’m most excited to see new shows/exhibits/etc. since there’s so much change happening in the parks. However, I’m sure you’ll share some items that sound fun/interesting that’ll get added to my list before the next time I go 😉 Reading your blog gives me the itch to go back already!


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