Recent WDW News

So Much Star Wars: 

Hollywood Studios definitely needed a pick me up, and I’m so happy the release of Star Wars is providing that. While the new land is still being built, some new diversions have appeared in the parks.

  • Star Wars Launch Bay- Part exhibit gallery and part character Meet & Greet, the Launch Bay focuses on both old and new Star Wars. They also have some merchandise. I saw a Periscope video that showed the Storm Troopers just wandering (well, marching? guarding?) the front area. I loved seeing the character moving around without a line! I’ve also heard on forums that you can TRADE with the Jawas. If you give them something small and shiny, they will return the favor- so NEAT.
  • New updates to Star Tours- They’ve added sequences from the new movie to the attraction.
  • Symphony in the Stars- DHS got a new Star Wars themed firework show!
  • Themed Food- There are some Star Wars themed snacks as well.

For the Animal Kingdom:

  • New Restaurant- A new table service dining option is coming to Animal Kingdom. It is supposed to be inspired by the concept of travel and menu options are rumored to likely be similar to Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Tiffin’s will have both indoor and outdoor seating, and a waterfront view. Tiffin’s will be opening sometime in 2016.
  • Rivers of Light- A nighttime show is coming to Animal Kingdom during the first have of this year. Rivers of Light is going be focused on color, fire and water (no noisy fireworks for the animals). Many have speculated it will use similar technology to World of Color (Disneyland).  There have also been hints at another, smaller, nighttime show centered around the Tree of Life “coming alive”. These shows will extend the park hours as AK previously closed early.
  • Nighttime Safari- Adding to the nighttime fun at AK is a new nighttime safari that will feature a couple new animals.

Skipper’s Cantina:

The Jungle Cruise themed restaurant is open, but you cannot schedule an ADR yet (but they are coming soon). Reviews so far have been mixed, but overall seem positive. They will probably be tweaking the menu in the months ahead, but the atmosphere seems well-liked.

Breaking Today:

  • (As expected) Lights! Motors! Action! will be closing in April. Thank goodness I saw it last January. It will be closing to make room for the new lands.

3 thoughts on “Recent WDW News

  1. Thanks for writing this post! I don’t keep up with WDW news at all (anything I hear is usually by accident/coincidence) so this is most appreciated! I also know that you’ll write about things I care about so this is extra exciting!

    I’m looking forward to the new HS fireworks show. It’s been Fantasmic! for as long as I can remember, so an update is very welcome. And I am also a sucker for themed food. I’ll have to check out a menu online =)

    I’m very excited for the extending of AK hours. It was kind of anticlimactic leaving without a parade or show. We talked to a cast member in marketing and said there may be a show similar to Celebrate the Magic show at MK using lights/projections on the Tree of Life, which would be super cool! We really loved the MK version.

    It’s a bummer that Lights, Motors, Action! is closing. One of my favorite things at HS, and one of the few remaining attractions that give the feel of being behind the action so you see how movie things are done. Now that the backlot tour, the animation area (this is only a vague recollection for me), and the sound stage/Drew Carey thing is over anyway =(


    • Thanks for reading it. 🙂 Sorry to disappoint but Fantasmic will still be around. The Star Wars themed fireworks are a temporary show in a different location that happens after Fantasmic. Just like the Frozen fireworks. I think it happens over by the hat, and it’s been going on for a bit of time already, not sure when it’ll end, but it probably won’t last more than this year. Cool…yeah the Tree of Life show is supposed to involve the animals coming to life, so projections and lights make sense. I’m not to torn up about LMA, but I agree that the studios doesn’t have the same feel as it used to. I miss the backlot stuff. At the same time, they aren’t filling there, so I think they are purposely trying to get away from that vibe. I’m concerned for the location of Muppets, personally, it’s kind of in the way of Star Wars land. :/ They are also closing down a few other things like the Studio Catering Co.


      • I guess I’m not surprised that Fantasmic! is still sticking around. It’s a really great show, I just like something new =) This last time was my first time without the hat and it’s SO WEIRD! I think they were taking it down when you were there.

        Tommy told me that Universal Studios is doing their own version of LMA (I think it will be Fast/Furious themed). We don’t think it’ll stick around because it’s not far away from the rest of the park, so we think the smell will be terrible.

        I still don’t have a good grasp of where the Star Wars stuff is going. Hopefully as long as the TV show is going it’ll buy the Muppets more time.


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