All Cat Update



Lefty: Lefty is still going strong. He is either sleeping or complaining, but his appetite is as healthy as ever. He managed to get one of his nails infected a couple weeks ago (likely due to his habit of dipping his bad paw in the water bowl to drink and then heading off to the litterbox), but he got a course of antibiotics and he’s back to normal. We have a new routine of me cleaning his paw on a nightly basis…something he is NOT happy about. Lefty is very easygoing except for when you touch his feet.

Dixee: Dixee has rediscovered an old toy- a ball-shaped stuffed animal that looks like a hamster. Sometimes she drops the hamster at the top of the stairs and watches it roll down and then scampers down the stairs to retrieve it. Other times, she brings the hamster to me, so I will toss it for her. She then bounds after it (her run is so amusing), attacks it, and rolls on the ground with it for awhile.

Whisket: Since Whisket is the only one in the house on non-prescription food, we switched her to a sensitive stomach version of the brand we use. I believe we are starting to see some improvements in her stool size/frequency. Whisket enjoys utilizing the entire basement and has several spots she hangs out in. She also enjoys that she gets visited multiple times a day…anytime I need to hunt something down in a still packed box, all laundry, anytime Jimmy is working on the garage, etc…

Harree: Harree has good days and bad days, but he still seems to be happy and not in any major pain. He’s eating very well at the moment. He sleeps really heavy, but is still playful and affectionate. He has had some neurological symptoms (associated with high kidney values), but nothing severe (a few cases of mild confusion/spacing out). This will be his 8th month on fluids. He’s allowed to break all the rules in the house…he never gets in trouble anymore. Anytime I have a snack, I put his bowl out too…right next to me, to make sure other cats can’t get it. The constant feedings (~7 to 8 times a day) have caused his weight to become mostly stable. He can’t eat a lot at once, so multiple feedings has been key.

Meredith: Meredith gets more of a workout during Miss Melody’s playtimes than Miss Melody does. Meredith LOVES to play, particularly with DA BIRD and similar interactive toys. But, if she wants to play and you’re not available, she’ll gladly play by herself…whacking toys so hard that they fling into the air and then she chases them. Meredith actually seems happier and more comfortable in this house. We don’t know why, but we like it.

Fred: Fred is still having issues with licking his fur, but the calming food seems to have curbed it a bit- he’s not taking it any further or causing irritation/redness etc…An unfortunate side effect of the food, however, is that he has gained several pounds and is no longer my lean jungle cat. He’s not as big as his siblings, but it’s frustrating replacing one problem with another.

Miles: Miles is the same as he’s always been. Adorable. Loud. Demanding. A chicken. He sleeps at my feet every single night with his sister. It’s both wonderfully heartwarming and incredibly annoying. Why must the two GIANT ones need to sleep on my side of the bed? There’s no space for my feet! 🙂

Melody: Still doing good with her weight loss. Averaging two tenths of a pound each week. I imagine it’ll slow down the more she loses- just like in people- but she’s really big, so it’s coming off faster right now. We are improving her jumping skill again…she gets higher every week. She’s still the sweetest of the bunch!




3 thoughts on “All Cat Update

    • Wow, 13! My husband & I have a hard time saying no to a cat in need. We are currently issuing a “no vacancy” because of Harree’s illness and then Lefty is 21 and can’t deal with new kitties anymore. I won’t take new animals if it’ll be a burden on the ones that already live here. But I wish I had enough space/money to adopt more!


  1. So happy to hear an update on everyone ❤ Every day I'm grateful you're there to take care of them all.

    Yay, I'm glad Whisket is enjoying her new place! That's neat the garage is accessed through there.

    We need to have our cats teach Harree some bad habits since he can't get in trouble 😉

    I can't wait to see a new Meredith!

    I feel your pain about the foot room. Artemis has been sleeping on my feet lately and it's quite uncomfortable =P


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