Countdown to Disney: 53 Weeks


Activities for Week 53


Last week I continued working on the budget. As I mentioned last time, we discussed our trip spending priorities and we decided that, aside from staying on property, our actual resort was lower on the list than being able to stay longer, and lower than eating one table service per day. So, I created weekly savings goals that increased by $2 a week from $46 to $60. Then, I took our basic bare minimum trip from the other day, and increased the number of days until we got to our ideal (8 days, 9 nights). I changed the cost of the resort, tickets, food, and cat hotel accordingly. I also added in a snack-in-the-park budget. While I am bringing snacks from home save on the cost of food/snacks in the park, I want to budget in the occasional Mickey Pretzel or World Showcase dessert. 😉 After determining which length of stay would fit with each goal, I began increasing food, snack and souvenir budgets until I reached just below the weekly savings goal. For example, we can get 7 nights for just under the $50/week goal, if we do bare minimum for everything else. However, staying 8 nights will cost more than the next goal of $52. So, for the $52, I added some table service meals, increased the souvenir budget and park snack budget until I got to $51.96. I was pleasantly surprised to see that our ideal of 9 nights only requires us to increase the savings to an average of $60 a week. If I get a job soon, and the house sells, this is a more than reasonable goal.

Binder Updates


I added the menu for the End Zone Food Court (the one in our resort). Along with some labels for different sections of the park. Under each section, I plan to include restaurant info, attraction info, touring tips, hidden Mickey locations, trivia, etc..

Upcoming Master To Do List

  • Review Trip Goals
  • Add items (maps, etc…) from last trip to binder
  • Watch another movie
  • Checkout Planning DVDs
  • Find Disney recipe to try

Movie Updates

Still at 1 of 26. Hoping to get in Lilo & Stitch (on Netflix) by the end of the month.

Resource of the Week

All Ears Net– Menu section…super handy for meal planning!

Also, I’ve been looking up Disney fonts on Pinterest for the binder. You can find lots of great ones. Shannon of WDW Prep School has a board dedicated to them.

WDW Virtual Visit

This week I got off the train and headed into Frontierland. I rode Splash Mountain, visited the Shootin’ Arcade, and stopped for a bite in Pecos Bill’s.

Question for the Readers

What is your favorite land in the Magic Kingdom? Leave your answer in the comments below!


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One thought on “Countdown to Disney: 53 Weeks

  1. I love to see the evolution of your planning process =)

    Oh, fonts are SO FUN! I played a lot with downloading fonts when I was in high school, but recently rediscovered my love of choosing special fonts when deciding all the wedding stuff! I used mainly because they have a huge selection, even though their categories and search features aren’t super helpful. It’s nice you found a selection of Disney themed ones. There’s a few unusual ones you might enjoy here:

    I also enjoy hidden mickeys. I never remember the exist until we’re in the park so I never go prepared =P

    I’m not sure what my favorite land is. I think there’s a few ways to answer. Thinking about theming, I would probably say… Fantasyland. But, if we’re talking about attractions, I would probably say Adventureland (Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, Pirates) or Tomorrowland (PeopleMover, Carousel of Progress, Buzz Lightyear, Sonny Eclipse). Thanks for the excuse to look at a MK map online 😉


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