Countdown to Disney: 54 Weeks


Activities for Week 54

  • Budget for Trip Option B- I calculated the budget for a second trip option…7 nights (1 additional night), split-stay between Pop & All Star Sports (Pop Century is still a value resort, but a little bit more money). Instead of all quick service meals, we have 3 table service meals, and I’ve boosted our souvenir money slightly. Here is the result:Budget 2
  • New Approach to Budget Options- Coming up with option 2 for the budget led to some additional thinking on how best to use additional funds. We both agreed on a set of priorities for our budget that may change our trip options. We decided length of stay was most important, we’d rather eat all QS and stay at the cheapest value if it meant we could stay for our ideal length of time. Following that, we’d rather have an increase in food and souvenir budgets over the cost of the hotel. This will definitely change my calculations.
  • I made our movie list! I will post that in a separate post tomorrow because I don’t want this one to be too long.
  • I made several updates to the binder

Binder Updates

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I’ve made a new section in the binder for All Star Sports! Here is what is in that section so far:

  • A map of the resort
  • A map of the jogging trail that travels past all three All Stars. Supposedly, walking on this trail is acceptable and it’s only a mile long. It’s a great way to get another view of the three resorts.
  • A three page collection of information that I compiled from various websites…it has fun facts, room layout, info about pin trading boards, info about the food court and gift shop, etc…
  • A printout about where pressed penny machines can be found with the section for AS Sports highlighted. It has a DORY pressed penny. If that isn’t a sign that I should start collecting them, I don’t know what is!

Upcoming Master To Do List

  • More binder printouts
  • Additional budgets
  • Review goals
  • Planning DVD?
  • Recipes

Movie Update

We’ve already checked a movie off our list! Pocahontas expired from Netflix on the 4th, and we managed to watch it a couple days before that.

Movie Progress: 1 of 26

Resource of the Week

I discovered Find Mickeys thanks to their Periscope channel. I checked out a few of their videos while they were visiting the Magic Kingdom, and then found their website. They are on a quest to find as many Hidden Mickeys as possible. I’m going to make some notes for my trip off their site.

WDW Virtual Visit

I left City Hall and finished the rest of Main Street (the bakery and ice cream parlor) and hopped on the WDW Railroad.


5 thoughts on “Countdown to Disney: 54 Weeks

    • 🙂 For now, I’m free! I’m always willing to answer ANY and ALL questions about Disney planning. Makes me super happy to discuss. I’ve thought about becoming a Disney TA more than once. Perhaps some day.


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