Lists: What’s on my MP3 player

Here’s a list of what is on my MP3 player at this moment (spoiler: ALL podcasts, of course):

  1. 2 Sides of WDW
  2. 99% Invisible
  3. Be Our Guests WDW
  4. Communicore Weekly
  5. Creepy Kingdom
  6. Criminal
  7. Disney Hipster Podcast
  8. Gamers with Jobs
  9. Lisa’s WDW Podcast
  10. Love & Radio
  11. Mystery Show
  12. PassPorter’s Disney & Beyond
  13. Planet Money
  14. Radio Harambe
  15. Reply All
  17. Science Vs. (I think this is only a sample of the upcoming show)
  18. Selected Shorts
  19. Serial
  20. Song of the Day
  21. The DISDads
  22. The Moth
  23. The Nerdist
  24. The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe
  25. The Sporkful
  26. The State of Games
  27. The Story Collider
  28. Undisclosed
  29. Walt Disney World Northeast
  30. WDW Today
  31. Welcome to Night Vale

I cannot endorse all these podcasts, as some I am just testing out for the first time! As always, I welcome comments with podcast recommendations in the comments. If you like any of the above pods, please comment on that too!


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