Finding Dory: 168 days!

((No spoilers))

Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Disney movies. Dory is one of my favorite Disney characters. If I had to select a “spirit animal” it’d be Dory. The Seas with Nemo is one of my favorite rides in Disney, and my favorite show in WDW is Finding Nemo: The Musical. Dory’s Just Keep Swimming song makes me cry every time I listen to the album. The phrase “Just Keep Swimming” is what I’ve been repeating to myself these past several, very difficult, months. And it’s written on the front of my Disney binder. Walt Disney World is my metaphorical “42 Wallaby Way, Sydney”. Keep your eye on the prize, heads up, stay positive, all the bad stuff will pass, just keeping moving…this is what Dory represents to me.


Every since Finding Dory (the sequel to Finding Nemo) was announced, I’ve been SUPER EXCITED.

It comes out the DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY! As you can imagine, that will be the one birthday gift I want: to see it in theaters!!!

If you don’t consider trailers, spoilers…here’s a trailer:

Here’s another announcement about two characters (spoilerish):

And another character (that could end up my favorite besides Dory) (spoilerish): here.

You can also see Ellen announce it (no spoilers, it’s more about her), from a long time ago (2013, so they don’t even have any clips):


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