Countdown to Disney: 55 Weeks


Activities for Week 55

As I mentioned last week, I’m going to plan out multiple hypothetical trips that will cover a variety of budgets. This will give us the bare minimum needed for our enjoyment, but also gives us the option to improve the trip based on our rate of savings.

I’ve made an estimate for the low budget trip in a Google Drive spreadsheet. I decided that 5 days in the parks was the minimum I desired (2 MK, 1 of each of the others). The All Star Resorts are the cheapest of the resorts (besides the campground). However, All Star Movies is usually not included in any discount promotions due to its popularity. So, our options are AS Sports or AS Music. I decided the football (Touchdown) section of AS Sports would be a good option for us. A split-stay seems less desirable with fewer nights, so I opted to only stay at one resort. This plan will include only quick service meals (2 per day), and a low souvenir budget.


By starting our trip on Sunday, we can make it so we only have 1 weekend night, which is higher priced. I estimated resort prices by taking the current rate for value season (tax included), adding an additional 5% to cover rate increases, but subtracted an additional 10% for the likely discount I’ll be able to get. Likewise, our ticket prices include an additional 5% increase from current prices. I estimated the cost of our drive down using a trip planner website, and intentionally over-estimated to cover a bit of fast food on the drive down, and increased gas prices. I included an estimate of a Cat Condo at the Pet Resort on property in case we have one or two kitties that will need to travel with us. I estimated I’d spend about $30 at the grocery store stocking up on snacks for my bag and the hotel. Our souvenir budget has to be high enough to cover pins and some t-shirts! For the quick service estimate, I priced out 10 quick service meals at different places with what we’d actual likely consume (including beverage) including tax.

The result is a weekly savings plan of $44 for a year.


I also started setting up my little Disney corner. I went through my sticker collection, as well, to find all the Disney stickers I had plus number stickers.

Binder Updates


I fixed it. 🙂

Upcoming Master To Do List

  • Make movie list
  • Make list of things to add to the binder
  • Review my list of goals
  • Figure out if they updated the planning DVD, and if I want to order/watch the new version
  • Make a list of Disney recipes to try

Movie List Progress


Resource of the Week

I enjoyed this video: 5 Weird Things at Walt Disney World. I hope he does additional videos of WDW, as most of his work seems to be on Disneyland.

Virtual Visit

I walked from Crystal Palace to City Hall.


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