Countdown to Disney: 56 Weeks


Activities for Week 56

I figured out how I’m going to do my weekly countdown at home. I’ve collected a bunch of Disney stickers, papers, etc…all in a pile. Once Christmas is over, I’ll clear off my mail desk and setup a Disney countdown corner with Duffy, my Tsum Tsums, Disney souvenirs, etc…and make a little countdown sign using the paper and stickers. Snailmailers- I’d love to swap some non-Disney stickers from my collection for some Disney ones. 🙂


I added a free countdown clock to my phone. I couldn’t find a free one that changed pictures, though. 😦 If you know of a nicer one, let me know!

This week I also considered the option of doing a split-stay on the next trip- meaning we’d stay at two different resorts. Disney makes this easy by handling the luggage transfer for you, and it’s pretty commonly done. Most people do it because Disney resorts are amazing and attractions in their own right, so you want to visit more than one; and also to save on costs…stay at a value for four nights, and a moderate for four. Of course, we don’t know what our budget will be. We discussed the idea of assuming the worst situation that would allow us to go, and then upgrading as we get closer to the trip. This inspired me to plan budget options for THREE separate trips…one at the cheapest we are willing to go, one at our goal for next year, and another down the middle. This gives me lots more planning to do- how fun!!! You’ll hear more about these three hypothetical trips soon…possibly as early as next week.

A short summary would be:

  1. Budget Trip: Less nights, cheapest resort option, all quick service dining, minimal souvenir budget
  2. Mid-level Trip: One more night than budget, split-stay between two values, a few table service meals
  3. Goal Trip: Maximum number of nights, split-stay between value and moderate, one table service dining per day

I know it’d be even cheaper to stay off-site, but I just can’t do it. 😉

Binder Updates

None. Totally forgot about that this week.

Upcoming Master To-Do List

I still need to fix my planning binder and make a list of things I could add to it. I’m going to make a list of Disney movies I want to watch before the trip and create a schedule. Next week, I plan to set-up my Disney corner, as mentioned above. I also need to review my trip goals for the cancelled trip, and see if they will still work for this new trip.

Movie List Progress


Resource of the Week

This week I’ve been using the Lines app on my phone a lot…specifically the chat feature. I find I fit in better with the folks who using the Lines chat feature than online forums. I got some great opinions on whether or not a split-stay was worth it, and I learned that they have Jawas (Star Wars character) in DHS that will TRADE with you…you give them a paperclip or piece of shiny foil, and they give you something (of equal value)…someone got an R2D2 Lego head. Adorable idea, I hope this continues.

Virtual Visit

This week I left the Emporium and checked out the Barber Shop, Casey’s Corner, Tony’s Town Square, The Plaza and the Crystal Palace.



3 thoughts on “Countdown to Disney: 56 Weeks

  1. I love your 56 week countdown cutout! Super cute!

    What a great idea to plan for 3 options! Even more fun for planning, and a great way to get more Disney magic =)

    Watching movies before the trip is great! We did that with a few movies, and I wish we would’ve done more. It made it much easier for me to get references and follow along since I have such a terrible memory. And it’s a way to add excitement leading up to the big event. If you post your schedule I will likely try to watch along with you! There are still way too many Disney movies I’ve never seen.


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