Harold Angel


Today I accidentally stabbed myself with one of Harree’s needles. It happens, every now and again, when attempting to remove the needle cap or getting Harree into position, and it’s not a big deal (they are sterile), but it HURTS.

And it reminds me that we stab Harree intentionally twice a day. We trap him in the bathroom, stab him with a painful needle, and hold him still for 10 minutes while a stream of fluid gets pumped beneath his skin. Afterward, he has to deal with some discomfort and itchiness. We do this twice a day, everyday. He can’t possibly understand why.

Yet, he lets me do this. He is mostly cooperative (he gets a bit fidgety sometimes), loving and trusting the entire time. He doesn’t hiss, doesn’t scratch, doesn’t fight. He doesn’t wiggle away when I pick him up and bring him to the dreaded bathroom where this always goes down. In fact, he purrs and kisses my face on our way there. I know it hurts him…his body visibly winces when the needle goes in. Sometimes he makes a soft crying noise after.

When I stabbed myself this morning, he waited patiently for me to clean the blood off my hand, and setup a whole new needle.

We finished his fluids this morning, and as a reward for his good behavior, I sat in a chair to read. As soon as I sat down, he was on my lap,purring away and fell asleep snuggled up to my chest. It’s heartbreaking. His affection and trust has never wavered.

Now, please explain to me pro-dog-anti-cat people, why you think dogs love you unconditionally but cats do not?  Why dogs are “man’s best friend” and “cats are jerks”? Because I’m pretty sure that is not the case. In fact, my experience has shown me cats love more sincerely.



4 thoughts on “Harold Angel

  1. Cats love only on equal terms, with respect and dignity. They are not aloof; they simply can’t be bothered with people who don’t deserve their respect. Harree trusts you because you have earned it. Being a caregiver isn’t easy – hang in there!


  2. This made me tear up pretty hard. I have so much respect and admiration for how well you take care of your fur babies. Harree is a wonderful cat, and you are both lucky to have each other.


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